Marvel Legends: 12-Inch Deadpool, Hulk, and Thor Toys Revealed

Marvel Legends Series Figures

It's that time of year again toy collectors - the 2017 New York Toy Fair is just over one week away. The show features the newest toy offerings from all the major, and some minor, toy companies for the year in an effort to sell them to retailers. The fans and collectors also get the added benefit of exciting new pictures and videos from the annual event.

Hasbro has now released some information on new Marvel Comics product, just ahead of Toy Fair 2017. The new photos and details reveal the 2017 Marvel Legends 1/6 scale line to be Hulk, Thor and Deadpool.

The Hulk figure that will grace the 1/6 scale Marvel Legends line will sit at a whopping 14.5 inches, towering over the other figures in the series, which typically clock-in at 12-inches. Hulk will feature both a serious face head and a screaming-with-rage head option. The retail price for Hulk is going to be a bit more than the other Marvel Legends Series premium figures, clocking in at around $74.99. Hulk will hit stores this coming fall, while the big green beast will be back on the big screen this year, when he appears opposite the God of Thunder in Thor: Ragnarok.

Hasbro is also previewing their 12-inch Thor figure. The Odinson is going to get the premium figure treatment, arriving in stores this fall for approximately $49.99. He will have two head options, one with a rugged beard and one without. Thor, as indicated before, will be returning to the big screen this year for an adventure across the Nine Realms with Hulk, in Ragnarok.

THOR Marvel Legends Series

Hasbro gave collectors some Avengers offerings last year with Marvel Legends Series 12-inch Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man. These releases were aimed at the marketplace that was receiving the Captain America: Civil War film, in which all three of those superheroes are featured. The figures each came with interchangeable heads, one masked and one unmasked, along with a variety of hand choices. The figures all have 30 points of articulation and a premium detailing and finish.

Deadpool Marvel Legends Series

Deadpool Marvel Legends Series

Everyone's favorite"Merc with a Mouth", Deadpool, is also getting the Marvel Legends 12-inch action figure treatment. Fans got a first look at the figure at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, but now Hasbro is giving us a better look at the figure in and out of the packaging. Deadpool will be the first new figure in the line offered this year, with a spring release at the $49.99 price tag. This figure will actually feature three different heads instead of the standard two. He also comes with a katana and a delicious Chimichanga. Deadpool will also be back in your face on the big screen in either 2018 or 2019, in Deadpool 2.

The Marvel Legends Series 12-inch line doesn't quite match up to the Hot Toys imports, but they're certainly the highest quality alternative for the money. It's unknown if Hasbro will have more figures in this line to show at Toy Fair, but samples of these figures will likely be on display.

The Marvel Legends 12-inch series figures will be released by major retailers and later this year.

Source: Hasbro

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