Marvel Legacy Becomes 2017's Top Seller

Marvel's new Legacy initiative is off to a big start, as the one-shot Marvel Legacy #1 has broken the 2017 sales record and the first round of new comics under the label have all sold out. After the mixed reception of Secret Empire and the general feeling of 'event fatigue,' Marvel has made it clear they're done with massive crossovers. Instead, the company will focus on smaller narratives for individual characters that will honor the past and present.

In that vein, last month saw the debut of Marvel Legacy #1, a story that tied together the Avengers of 1 million BC with the modern crop of Marvel heroes. Each year, Marvel features an issue that follows their biggest event and sets up the status quo for new #1's. Most pass without much attention, but the unique approach Legacy took has turned out to be an attractive buy. Not only were original versions of Ghost Rider, Black Panther, Iron Fist and others introduced into the universe, but the book saw big changes like the return of Wolverine and Robbie Reyes gaining the Penance Stare. Now, it looks like the book paid off.

Marvel has just announced that sales for each of their Marvel Legacy books from the past week have sold out. As such, they'll all go into a second run to celebrate. Meanwhile, Marvel Legacy #1 has sold almost 300,000 copies, with DC's Dark Nights: Metal #1 coming in behind it with half as many. With those numbers, Legacy is now the top-selling comic of 2017.

The first round of Legacy books saw the beginning of Spirits of Vengeance, which matches Jonny Blaze with Hellstrom, Satana, and Blade for a new mission. It also features the continuation of a number of titles, with some reverting to their old numbering. Joining Spirits of Vengeance in being reprinted will be Avengers #672, Iceman #6, Iron Fist #73, Jessica Jones #13, Royals #9, Venom #155 and X-Men Gold #13.

By mixing classic heroes with their new counterparts and reviving old titles and one-shots alongside core books for various teams and characters, Marvel seems to have find just the right blend. Whether they can maintain these numbers is unknown, but Marvel Legacy is off to a great start.

Of course, DC still has one more event left. While Metal is still moving along, Doomsday Clock will merge the worlds of Watchmen with the main DC heroes for a new generation of stories. DC is already hyping it as a massive event, so it could unseat Marvel before the year is over.

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Source: Marvel

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