Marvel is Killing Its Inhumans in Comics, Too

Inhumans and Avengers Infinity War

A mysterious new comic has just been announced by Marvel bearing the title Death of the Inhumans - is the Royal Family done for? It's not a stretch to say Marvel's collaboration with IMAX and ABC to bring Inhumans to the big and small screen was a disaster. After a false start for a theatrical release, the new model seemed like an interesting one until the actual product was released. There's been no official word on the show's fate yet, but the higher ups at Marvel and ABC have made it clear Inhumans likely won't get renewed.

With the X-Men and Fantastic Four movie rights owned by Fox - at least for the time being - conspiracy theories have abounded that the characters have been sidelined in Marvel Comics. When it comes to the mutants, however, that's patently untrue given how many books the characters populate and lead. Still, Marvel clearly hoped to see the Inhumans occupy the same cultural space as mutants and have been pushing the Royal Family and NuHumans for years now. But with the failure of the show, could that all be changing?

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Marvel has announced Death of the Inhumans, which appears to be a one-shot title that will arrive this July. Written by Donny Coates with art by Ariel Olivetti, no other information about the plot or scope of the project has been released. For now, however, Marvel has unveiled the cover from Kaare Andrews which teases the downfall of the Royal Family.

The past few years have seen Marvel release a number of Death of... titles revolving around various mutants, most popularly Wolverine. But Wolverine is back and characters in the comics never truly die. Thus, it's hard to imagine the Inhumans or even the Royal Family specifically will be gone for good if that is indeed what the new story is about.

It could be that we'll simply see the more high-profile characters fade away for a time while the new generation of Inhumans take center stage. Ms. Marvel, Inferno, Quake, and others have all been a big part of Marvel's efforts in recent years. In fact, all three of those characters will be in Marvel: Rising: Secret Warriors, a new animated film and initiative from Marvel focused on the next generation of heroes in the Marvel Universe. Given their prominence, it seems clear that Marvel aren't quite done with the Inhumans.

We've also seen more comics pop up involving the characters recently. Lockjaw just got a new limited series and Black Bolt by Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward has been racking up accolades for its story and art. In the end, Death of Inhumans could just be an eye-catching title, but with Marvel's Fresh Start establishing yet another status quo for the comic book universe, who knows what the future will hold.

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