Marvel Shares Joan Lee Tribute Video Remembering Stan Lee's Wife

Stan and Joan Lee X-Men Apocalypse

Joan Lee, the wife of comic book legend Stan Lee, passed away yesterday after suffering from a stroke earlier this week, and today Marvel Entertainment has shared a video remembering the late actress. Joan had emigrated to the United States following the end of World War II in the mid-'40s, where she eventually met and married Stan Lee, who had recently returned from his stint in the U.S. Army.

After news of her passing spread, people from throughout the entertainment industry expressed their condolences to Stan and his family. Marvel issued an official statement regarding Joan's death, and so did the comic publisher's rival, DC Comics. The fact is, many people in the comic book industry have worked for several different publishers, including both Marvel and DC Comics, and everyone knew the story of how Stan and Joan met. It's something that Stan has talked about many times, and some people consider it to be the greatest story he's ever told.

Stan shared that story once again earlier this year, during an event at the Paley Center with Marvel's Joe Quesada. Although they hadn't planned on releasing footage from the event until later this year, Marvel Entertainment decided to debut a portion of the event online today as a tribute to the late Joan Lee. You can watch the video above, and below is the statement that came along with the clip.

Stan and Joan Lee X-Men Apocalypse

"On April 14, 2017, Joe Quesada, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, sat down with Stan Lee at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, Calif. The video [above] was originally planned to be part of a series from the event scheduled for release later this year. In remembrance of Joan Lee and her importance to Marvel and the history of comics as a whole, we felt it appropriate to release this now."

Quesada brings up two topics in the video: The first is about how Stan met Joan, and the second is about how she convinced him to stick with comics, at least for a short while. For those that aren't aware, Stan planned on quitting the comic book industry in the early '60s, mostly because he felt that his career had stalled. But Joan convinced him to write one more comic title - the way that he wanted - and that's what led to The Fantastic Four in 1961, which ended up becoming Marvel's answer to DC Comics' Justice League of America.

Although she didn't have a direct impact on the industry, her presence behind-the-scenes helped influence the Marvel Universe that we know today, and for that, comic book fans will always be thankful. In addition to pushing Stan to create some of the best superheroes in comic book history, Joan spent 69 blissful years married to the comic book legend, something that Stan recently joked about still trying to get right.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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