Marvel’s Inhumans Working Title Revealed; Hawaii Filming Confirmed

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Even though Inhumans was removed from Marvel Studios' movie slate, the project will still end up in theaters, albeit in a limited run on IMAX, as part of the new miniseries that's headed to ABC. It will be a first for Marvel's TV division, and one that will promise plenty of exposure for the eight-episode series.

With a planned September premiere date, the start of production on Inhumans is likely fast approaching. That's in keeping with previous reports stating the series will film in Hawaii starting in March 2017. As it turns out, the filming location has been confirmed, and to show how close the project is to the start of production, the series now has a working title.

Pacific Business News, a Hawaiian-based journal, has confirmed that Inhumans will be filming there. According to the report, ABC and Marvel are transforming a 3,700 acre former Navy facility on the island of Kalaeloa. This will be the base of operation for the studio, and allow for sets to be built on the premise. The journal also reports an $80-$100 million boost to the economy there annually, though it was not stated whether this would be due to production on Inhumans specifically, or through future Marvel and ABC projects. Meanwhile, Reel News Hawaii has revealed that working title for Inhumans is simply: "Project Next."

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These details may seem small in comparison to casting decisions, but ultimately point to pre-production running smoothly. With Hawaii looking to be the base of operation for the entire series, it should be interesting to see how they are able to change the look of the Naval base to better suit the needs of this specific Marvel series.

With these latest production confirmations coming in, it should only be a matter of time before Marvel confirms the cast. Rumors and social media postings hint that the roles of Medusa, Gorgon, and Crystal may have already been revealed. Until the official word comes from Marvel, though, it will remain as speculation, but with production right around the corner, the reveal of a full cast of characters and more is likely not far away.

As the production shifts gears from IMAX to television, it will also be interesting to see what other directors are brought on to the project, and how that might offer some clues as to the kind of series Marvel wants Inhumans to be.

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Inhumans will screen on IMAX for two weeks starting Labor Day weekend. The series will premiere September 26, 2017 on ABC.

Source: Pacific Business News, Reel News Hawaii

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