First Inhumans Trailer Arrives Thursday

After an unusually long wait, Marvel has finally revealed that the first full trailer for Inhumans will be coming this Thursday. As we head towards the end of Phase 3 of the MCU with Avengers 4, we'll see the end of the slate of films that Marvel ambitiously announced just a few years ago. Of course, some things have been shuffled around and a few sequels were added, but that has only made the feat all the more impressive. That said, not every movie survived. After months of rumors that the Inhumans movie was cancelled, Marvel revealed it would instead become a TV series on ABC after its two-part pilot premiered on IMAX screens.

The news was bittersweet, as it meant a reduced budget but also the Royal Family being brought to life and introduced in the MCU. Since that time, fans have been anxiously been awaiting the release of the show's first trailer. So far, we've only been given glimpses of the series, despite ABC and other networks already revealing first looks at all their fall shows. While fans wait, they've been shown a cast photo, a short teaser trailer, and yesterday brought with it a new poster. Now, word has arrived that the full trailer is almost here.

Marvel tweeted out a new teaser today announcing the trailer for Inhumans will arrive on Thursday. The clip doesn't offer much, but we do see Maximus, Black Bolt, Medusa in states of ease and conflict, along with what looks to be Karnak wandering a cliffside in Hawaii.

The wait is almost over. This Thursday, check back for the first trailer from "Marvel's #Inhumans"! @theinhumans

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) June 27, 2017

Though we still have two days to wait, we know the trailer will offer plenty of action. We've already seen a leaked piece of it that reveals Lockjaw teleporting Black Bolt into the streets of Hawaii. Fans are also hoping to see Medusa's signature locks in motion, as they've appeared largely flat so far. The trailer will also give us a better idea of the character's costumes in action, as the reception to them so far has not been kind.

Meanwhile, information about the show continues to emerge. With Inhumans wrapping earlier this month, more news about the cast and plot should start trickling out. We know Lost alum Henry Ian Cussick will be tackling a new role as a human doctor on the series, but a number of other cast members are still a mystery.

Fans are also anxious to learn how or if Inhumans will connect with Agents of SHIELD. With both shows dealing with the race and airing on ABC, it seems like a no brainer. Then again, the MCU hasn't always been as connected as advertised. Hopefully, Thursday's trailer and next month's Comic-Con will shine some more light on the show.

Inhumans will screen in IMAX for two weeks, beginning Friday, September 1, before later premiering on ABC on Friday, September 29.

Source: Marvel

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