Marvel's Inhumans TV Series Will Emphasize Complex Royal Family History

Expect family to be the major theme in Marvel's Inhumans when the unique TV series premieres in September. Screen Rant visited the Hawaii set of the IMAX series earlier this year where actresses Isabelle Cornish and Serinda Swan spoke to the depth of family relationships on the show and the complexity of the dynamics between the characters.

In the comic book source material, family has always been an important element of The Inhumans, which seems to be true for the live-action adaptation as well. As Cornish pointed out, all of the main members of the Inhumans are related - representing the royal family of the Inhumans people, an offshoot of humanity experimented on by the alien Kree millennia ago. Many of them are cousins, but for some, family ties are even stronger than that. Crystal's older sister is Medusa, Black Bolt's wife. There was always a strong bond between the two characters, with Medusa acting as "the big sister." Medusa cared deeply about Crystal, and on some occasions she would even stand up against the king, her husband Black Bolt on her behalf.

Isabelle Cornish (Crystal) discussed what viewers will learn about the royal family in the first two episodes, while Serinda Swan (Medusa) called the main characters "a tight knit group" and talked about how the complex relationships are portrayed on the show:

"Cornish: It’s just really introducing us as a family and discovering the characters in the first two episodes like seeing how we all mix together and how we all intertwine and what all different powers we all have because, you know, it’s such a large family. I mean, we are cousins, which is to have cousins that are like brothers and that’s kind of cool and different.

Swan: The Inhumans go back very far, and so we’ve had a lot of time to integrate and be family. So when you get on a set like this, you are immediately trying to get to know everybody. You are trying to get in there and you are trying to figure out who they are and it’s been really easy. Everybody has been so phenomenal. It was great casting. Everybody has a little bit of that element in there that they needed. And yeah, so the relationships between all of the family members are extremely complex as it is in the Marvel world. It’s very deep. There’s a lot of love. There’s a lot of tension. There’s a lot of turmoil. But it all comes from the love so I think that’s what is great about this show is that it’s everybody loves each other to the point that one move, everyone feels it. So it’s like a constant tug of what we are going to do. So it’s great."

Internal family struggle as King Black Bolt's brother Maximus arrests his own sister-in-law, Medusa

The comic book versions of the characters are an extremely diverse group with an equally varied set of powers and viewpoints, which would make seeing the characters brought to life on the screen both fun and challenging, especially given that the royal family has been together for potentially thousands of years. In the comics, Black Bolt sets the law, though characters like the enforcer Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor) would often question his decisions. Gorgon was usually shown to be easily angered and more prone to outbursts, which contrasted greatly with the attitude of the eternally calm Karnak (Ken Leung), who was often presented as the voice of reason, a role that was occasionally filled by Medusa as well.

As we get nearer the premiere of Marvel's Inhumans, it will be interesting to see just how much these characters are like their comic book counterparts and how much the TV series has opted to alter them for the purpose of the show. As the Inhumans are not well known, Marvel and ABC might have more leeway in adjusting the characters' histories and personalities somewhat. At any rate, fans don't have long to wait to find out.

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 Marvel's Inhumans premieres in IMAX on September 1, and on ABC on September 29.

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