New Inhumans Images Show First Look At Auran

An image has finally surfaced of Auran from Marvel's upcoming Inhumans television series. Ever since the announcement that Inhumans was making the move from a film to a TV show, we've been learning more and more about what the series will look like. From set photos to a trailer, we've had glimpses of Marvel and ABC's interpretation of the Royal Family from the comics. And while the reception hasn't been hugely positive, Marvel is ramping up promotion for the show ahead of its September release by offering more info and images to get fans excited.

Yesterday, we were able to share a number of insights into the series thanks to our Inhumans set visit and a series of interviews we conducted with the cast. Thanks to those talks, we learned a bit more about the changes the show will be making to the source material. For one thing, we discovered the show was altering characters like Crystal and Karnak to fit into the vision for the series. Now, thanks to the first reveal of the Inhuman Auran, it looks as if they won't be the only characters altered for the show.

Marvel has released a few new photos from Inhumans which include a new shot of Maximus, a behind-the-scenes image of Crystal, and our first look at Sonya Balmores as Auran. And though the latter character has only existed in the comics since 2014, fans might not be thrilled that Marvel have seemingly removed her two most well-known features.

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As you can see from the photo, Auran lacks the prominent ears and yellow skin she develops in the comics after going through Terrigenesis. Along with her enlarged ears, the process also grants Auran the ability to hear and locate any word she chooses, making her Attilan's chief investigator. Her skin is less essential, but it's still part of the show's overall trend of playing it safe when it comes to the look of the Inhumans.

Of course, it is possible Auran hasn't undergone Terrigenesis yet. If that's true, she could serve as our example in the show of how Inhumans undergo the process. Hopefully, that's the case, as fans are unlikely to take kindly to more changes to the source material. We already know Black Bolt won't wear his comic book costume, and a number of other aesthetic tweaks have left fans uneasy about the series.

One issue that will apparently be remedied on the show is Medusa's hair. So far, images and the trailer have failed to replicate its writhing, prehensile nature from the comics. Viewers have been assured, however, that Medusa's follicle powers will remain intact on the show.

In the end, Inhumans could surprise us all and prove that the early looks at the show simply couldn't capture the grandiosity of the series. Whether or not that's the case, we'll know soon enough.

Inhumans debuts in IMAX on September 1, 2017, and on ABC on September 29.

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