Marvel's Inhumans Teaser: Betrayal Within the Royal Family

Marvel Inhumans main cast

The first teaser for Marvel's Inhumans TV series has officially made its way online. Inhumans is the upcoming eight-episode Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series that explores the story of the Inhuman Royal Family, led by the ever-silent Black Bolt (played by Anson Mount). Iron First season 1 showrunner/creator Scott Buck is also overseeing the Inhumans TV show for Marvel.

Since Inhumans will premiere its first two episode in IMAX theaters a few weeks ahead of its debut on ABC this fall, it's fitting that Marvel Studios first unveiled the teaser for the series ahead of IMAX screenings for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, during the MCU sequel's bow in U.S. theaters last night (May 4th). Now, the Inhumans teaser trailer is online for everyone who didn't catch the preview at a Guardians 2 screening last night to check out.

Serving as very much a teaser of what's to come, the Inhumans preview features naught but the official logo for the series, along with dialogue from members of the Royal Family - in particular, Maximus (Iwan Rheon), who makes his desire for power and thoughts of betrayal against his brother Black Bolt (or rather, his plans for a revolution, as he sees it) not-so-secret, with his spoken comments here.

Marvel Inhumans main cast

The themes of inner-family conflict alluded to by the Inhumans teaser are not only a carryover from the original Marvel comic book stories about the Royal Family; they also bring to mind those issues that Buck previously explored with his work on the first season of Marvel and Netflix's Iron Fist TV series. Iron Fist season 1's weak reception doesn't inspire much confidence in Buck exploring the story of another troubled Marvel family; though, the difference in subject matter and Inhumans' leaner episode count (compared to Iron Fist) may encourage more economic storytelling and result in a better turnout for Buck, during his second expedition into the MCU.

With its narrative concerning the Royal Family fleeing to Hawaii, Inhumans can also build on the mythology and story foundation laid by Marvel and ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The latter TV series has established that Inhumans are a marginalized segment of the global population in the MCU, providing context for Maximus' desire to achieve "Freedom for all Inhumans," as he put it in the Inhumans teaser trailer.

While there probably won't be much (if any) crossing-over between Inhumans and S.H.I.E.L.D., the former series is nonetheless in a nice position to build upon the events in the MCU that have come before it and deliver an intriguing (In)human family soap opera, in the process. Not to mention, the IMAX element combined with the fantastical nature of the Royal Family itself, could give rise to one of Marvel television's most visually-striking offerings yet.

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Inhumans screens in IMAX theaters for two weeks starting Friday, September 1, prior to its television debut on Tuesday, September 26 on ABC.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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