Marvel's Inhumans Trailer Introduces the Royal Family By Their Names

The latest trailer for Marvel's upcoming Inhumans series introduces the members of the Royal Family and the roles they will play in the show's narrative. While it took Marvel awhile to unveil anything official for their collaboration with ABC and IMAX, the past fews months have brought with them posters, images, trailers, and clips from Inhumans. And though the reveal of new looks at a Marvel project is usually met with plenty of fanfare, marketing for Inhumans seems to be alienating audiences from the series.

Not only was the first cast photo for Inhumans met with disdain, but the two subsequent trailers didn't fare much better. Things were so poorly received, in fact, that Marvel began backpedaling and stating that the Inhumans trailer footage isn't finished. Of course, until the final product is in theaters and on TV, we'll have to wait and see how things shape up in terms of the effects and narrative. For now, Marvel are more than keen to continue promoting the series, which will mark the potential start of an ambitious new relationship with IMAX.

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Marvel has now released another trailer for Inhumans, putting the spotlight on the main characters. Naming each one and offering a glimpse of them in the story, the new look at the show also highlights the positions each character will hold.

While most of the 'titles' fall in line with the comics and what we know about the characters, two jump out as potential deviations. Auran, who's been dramatically changed from the comics, is said to be an assassin. The shot of her standing next to Maximus and looking sinister adds to the idea that she might be less than loyal to the Royals. In the comics, she's actually a detective and an ardent supporter of Medusa. It looks as if the show has different plans for her, however.

Meanwhile, Triton is dubbed 'The Operative'. This is actually the first time we've seen him in Attilan, as the only previous footage of the character showed him on the run with Crystal on Earth. Like Auran, it may be that he's given some sort of hidden agenda in the show. Along with the other titles, Auran's and Triton's roles highlight that political intrigue will play heavily into the plot of Inhumans.

As a mix between ThorThe Winter Soldier, and X-MenInhumans could be effective at navigating aspects of royal plots, backstabbing, and the place of the Inhumans in the world of humans. If it can pull off such themes, it might make up for the less than stellar effects work and deliver another entertaining Marvel TV series.

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Marvel’s Inhumans premieres in IMAX on September 1; the series begins on ABC on September 29.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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