Marvel's Inhumans Trailer Breakdown: Welcome to Earth

The first trailer for Marvel’s Inhumans has finally arrived, giving us a brief glimpse into the secret society of the Royal Family and the turmoil that awaits them this fall. As far back as 2011, rumors began emerging that Marvel Studios was attempting to turn their Inhumans property into a feature film. By 2014, the movie was officially confirmed as the finale film in Marvel’s ambitious planned lineup.

With the movie set to premiere in 2019, Vin Diesel was long-rumored to play Inhuman king Black Bolt. Early last year, however, signs of trouble began to emerge and the film was removed from Marvel’s slate. By last fall, the change-up was clarified when the TV version of the property was announced.

Since that time, we’ve had casting news, set photos, and a look at the main characters. Now, the first proper look at Inhumans has emerged, showing us many of the main characters in action and teasing the scope of the show. Though there’s still a lot we haven’t seen, we can finally answer a few more questions while asking just as many new ones.

Attilan on the Moon

While fans have waited for some version of the Inhumans to arrive, one of the biggest questions has been the city-state of Attilan. The secret home of the royal Inhuman society, Attilan was once its own island before being ferried around different locations on Earth. For a time, it resided in the Himalayas, before jumping to the moon. It’s that latter iteration of the stronghold that seems to be in Inhumans, as we open with a shot of the Earth, then our moon, and then travel inside the city. There’s also talk from Maximus about journeying to our planet, further confirming that the Royal Family are in their moon phase.

The Royal Family

Speaking of the Royal Family, we get a number of shots of them together and separate. Like the first cast photo, family member Triton is oddly absent from a number of gatherings - and perhaps from Attilan itself. Sitting at what looks to be one last supper together, we see Gorgon, Black Bolt, and Medusa on one side of the table, facing Karnak, Maximus, and Crystal on the other. In the comics, Black Bolt and Maximus are brothers: the only two children of the previous rulers of Attilan. As the eldest, Black Bolt eventually becomes king himself, marrying Medusa and joining their families. Crystal is Medusa's younger sister, while Karnak and Gorgon are both cousins of the king.

An Unspoken Connection

There isn’t much warmth between Black Bolt and Medusa shown in the trailer, but the two share a fierce relationship in the comics. There have been times when it’s been on the rocks and they’ve been at odds, but they generally hold things together for their people. Still, despite that seeming divide between them, they have a long-standing connection.

As Black Bolt is unable to speak without causing complete devastation, he and Medusa have developed a sort of shorthand for communicating. In this way, the queen serves as the ruler in proxy, though she’s certainly sat the throne herself in the comics. We’ve heard that in the show the two will communicate using sign language, a rare occurrence on TV. Likely, the show will also find some creative ways to allow Black Bolt to talk—dream sequences, telepathic conversations, etc. After all, it would certainly be odd if Anson Mount didn’t utter a word for the entire season. While that works in the comics, it’s a harder sell on TV.

Manifest Destiny

The big plot push early in the season looks to be Maximus’ desire to head to Earth. While this was once the Inhumans home in the comics, it’s unclear if they’d be returning to the planet in the show or arriving for the first time. There could also be some sort of connection to the mysterious figures in white we see. Perhaps they are prophets of some sort, sensing a coming catastrophe or opportunity.

Regardless, Maximus has long schemed for power in the comics, and he likely sees Earth and its relatively non-powered population as the perfect subjects. Like many imperialistic leaders, he probably also feels a divine right to claim any land he desires and rule those weaker than himself. Sadly, it looks as if the people of Attilan feel the same way.

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