Marvel's Inhumans Set Photos: Lockjaw & Crystal First Look

Inhumans Crystal

After years of uncertainty regarding their future within the MCU, Inhumans are closer to taking the spotlight. While Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues to explore the alien race and feature multiple enhanced individuals in prominent roles, it will be the next Marvel/ABC partnership that takes the property to a whole new level. Inhumans will not only be ABC's new Marvel series come this fall, but it will also first debut in IMAX across the world.

Part of the deal in teaming up with IMAX is an enlarged budget with three companies working together to bring the Royal Family to life. With casting finished up and filming set to begin in Hawaii, there have already been sights of Lockjaw and Black Bolt (Anson Mount) on set. Now, the giant teleporting dog is back with a new companion.

Hawaii Isla 808 posted a few new photos from the set of Inhumans that reveal the first look at Isabelle Cornish as Crystal. Although the photo itself does not offer much in the way of detail, it does show that they will be sticking with her classic yellow colored suit -- though it looks like some modifications to the design have been made. She is also featured in the same location as Lockjaw, showing him once again bringing the Royal Family to Hawaii.

Production of ABC and Marvel's filming at the Hawai'i State Capitol building today in Honolulu, Hawaii. #inhumans #lockjaw #theinhumans

— hawaii isla 808 (@hawaii_isla808) March 13, 2017

Due to the quality of the photo, it is not clear whether or not Cornish's hair is red/amber as Crystal's traditionally is. They could allow her to keep her natural blonde look to better differentiate Crystal from her sister Medusa (Serinda Swan). As for the costume, the sleeveless look is new, as is the apparent brown top of her dress. As filming continues, a better look at Crystal's costume will likely emerge, so even if some are not sold on the costume from this look, later pictures may sell it better.

With Crystal and Black Bolt so far literally traveling to Hawaii, it will be interesting to see whether or not the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family joins them. Medusa, Karnak (Ken Leung), Triton (Mike Moh), and Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor) have yet to be shown, and the same can be said for the antagonist Maximus the Mad (Iwan Rheon). That said, should filming continue to take place in public locations, the chance for photographers to catch a glimpse of the characters will increase. But, if set photos do not reveal their looks soon, it won't be long before Marvel, IMAX, and ABC begin to promote their new series and share an official look at all the characters involved.

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Inhumans comes to IMAX theaters for two weeks starting Friday September 1, 2017, prior to its television debut on Tuesday September 26, 2017 on ABC.

Source: Hawaii Isla 808

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