Biggest Unanswered Questions From Marvel's Inhumans Season 1

Is Maximus Dead?

Maximus truly revealed the depth of his madness when he declared to Auran (Sonya Balmores) that he'd rather let Attilan and everyone in it die if he couldn't be king. Maximus' hopes for undergoing a second Terrigenesis and receiving powers was foiled when Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor) killed Maximus' geneticist ally Dr. Evan Declan (Henry Ian Cusick) while in the grip of madness from his second Terrigenesis. With no allies left, the Inhuman people choosing once more to follow the Royal Family and his dreams of becoming an Inhuman dashed, all that was left for Maximus was final confrontation with Black Bolt.

After overpowering his brother, Black Bolt brought Maximus to the Royal Bunker, which we saw for the first time in the penultimate episode 'Havoc in the Hidden Land'. We learned the Royal Bunker was the first structure built in Attilan, it contains enough food and water "to last an eternity", and that it was built to withstand an attack from the Greatest Enemy. Unable to kill his brother in cold blood, Black Bolt sealed Maximus in the Royal Bunker and then spoke "Goodbye, brother." The King used his devastating sonic powers to collapse the entrance to the Bunker.

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It's most likely Maximus is still alive from the cave in if the Bunker is as sturdy as he says it is. He also has enough supplies to survive. Otherwise, being imprisoned alone on the moon can be considered a fate worse than death.

Why Are Some Inhumans' Powers Broken?

Just as not all Inhumans receive powers through Terrigenesis, we learned throughout the course of the series that some Inhumans' powers are no longer working properly. The chief victim of this flaw in the Inhumans' design is Karnak (Ken Leung). His ability to see the outcome of every possibility and act accordingly began malfunctioning when he was stranded in the wilderness of Oahu. At first, it seemed like Karnak was reeling from a blow to the head he suffered when he fell off a cliff, but he soon determined it was a bigger problem.

The issue with failing Inhuman powers came up a second time when Auran was regenerating from being killed in the lab of Dr. Evan Declan. The geneticist informed Auran that her healing factor is no longer reliable and would ultimately fail her. However, this revelation didn't stop Karnak from taking Auran's DNA and giving it to the dead Gorgon to restore him back to life via a second Terrigenesis. Auran and Karnak both continue to suffer from this unspecified flaw in their powers. Meanwhile the powers of Bronaja (Ari Dalbert), young Inhuman who can see the future, have also proven to be unreliable. We don't know how many other Inhumans are afflicted with malfunctioning powers or what the cause of it is.

Are the Inhumans Better off?

Fans have to wonder what it must be like to be an Inhuman living on Attilan. In the span of just a few days, the Royal Family was deposed and labeled traitors by the new King, Maximus. Soon, the Genetic Council are all killed after trying to depose Maximus. Not long after that, the Royal Family returned to the city. Maximus and Medusa, interpreting for Black Bolt, each took turns making opposite declarations of what was going on. Medusa then announced that the protective dome is about to collapse and the entire city must be evacuated at once for Earth, a place the Inhumans have only heard (bad) things about. Nevertheless, despite all of this upheaval, the Inhuman people seem to take it all in stride.

To the series' credit, the caste system the Inhumans lived under and why it must change was a theme that was explored. Medusa herself has become the voice for change. During her time on Earth, she learned how both humans and the Inhumans she ruled over saw the Royal Family. We also learned her parents were once revolutionaries looking to end the monarchy, before Black Bolt's parents had them killed and Medusa herself eventually ascended to that very monarchy. By the end of season 1, however, Medusa is a leader looking to build a better system, and she passionately promises the changes will be for the better. Hopefully, Medusa and Black Bolt can make good on their new ideas for Inhuman society.

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As for being on Earth, the Inhumans' exodus from Attilan was not unlike what was seen in Thor: Ragnarok. The same belief that 'Asgard is not a place, but its people' was echoed in Inhumans regarding Attilan. Despite the hasty evacuation, Medusa had the foresight to hide their Terrigen crystals on Earth, so at least this pivotal piece of Inhuman culture has been preserved along with the lives of the people of Attilan.

Where did Black Bolt and Medusa get new costumes?

Inhumans Finale Royal Family

After spending most of the series clad in (stolen) human clothing, Black Bolt and Medusa addressed the Inhumans at the end of the episode wearing brand new and better costumes. The evacuation of Attilan happened so suddenly, the people had no time to bring anything with them to Earth except the clothes on their backs. Judging from how the Royal Family were all wearing their regal clothes at the end, however, it seems like they found a few moments to pack some of their belongings before the jump to Earth. This can probably be chalked up to the advantages of having your own teleporting dog.

Fans now wait to hear whether ABC will grant Inhumans a second season so that hopefully the questions the finale left lingering will be answered.


What other questions did Inhumans' finale, or the series as a whole, leave you with? Let us know in the comments!

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