Biggest Unanswered Questions From Marvel's Inhumans Season 1

Warning: SPOILERS below for Marvel's Inhumans Season Finale!


Marvel's Inhumans concluded its 8-week run on ABC with an action-packed season finale that wrapped up the conflict between the Royal Family led by Black Bolt (Anson Mount) and his usurper brother Maximus (Iwan Rheon). The rivalry between the brothers over who would be the King of Attilan came to a head in a satisfying manner, with the fate of the Inhumans' hidden city and its people decided. In the end, the Royal Family did triumph and restore their seat as rulers of their society, but at great cost. Now, nothing will ever be the same for the Inhumans.

Though the major storylines were resolved, the season 1 finale 'And Finally: Black Bolt' left a few threads dangling while also introducing several new questions for Inhumans to address in a potential second season. Here are the biggest questions Inhumans left us wondering about:

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Who is the Inhumans' 'Greatest Enemy'?

Maximus was the Big Bad of season 1 but he was unaware that there is an even bigger threat to the Inhumans. When the episode began, Maximus was surprised when Medusa (Serinda Swan) and Black Bolt informed him neither he nor the humans on Earth are what the Inhumans should be most worried about. Somewhere out there is the Inhumans' 'Greatest Enemy', but the episode did not identify the Enemy by name.

We did learn in a flashback that the Inhumans' Greatest Enemy is part of the reason why Black Bolt is king and why Maximus has resented him for it his entire life. When they were children, Black Bolt had sworn to Maximus that he didn't want the throne and that Maximus would have it. Being king was Maximus' lifelong desire, besides being granted powers through Terrigenesis. He was denied powers and then denied the throne as well when the Greatest Enemy came into the picture.

Young Maximus played a prank on his older brother, signing the royal seal to a fake document that their parents were going to make Black Bolt undergo brain surgery. The distraught Black Bolt confronted his parents and when he asked them why, his powers ended up killing the King and Queen. When Maximus went to claim the throne, he discovered that the Genetic Council saw Black Bolt's powers as proof that only he had the power to fight the Inhumans' Greatest Enemy, therefore Black Bolt had to become King. When Black Bolt agreed, Maximus took this as a personal betrayal of his brother's promise to him.

The finale gave no information as to who or what the Greatest Enemy is, and it seems most Inhumans are unaware the enemy even exists. Only the King, Queen and the Genetic Council knew at first, but now the entire Royal Family knows Maximus isn't the worst villain they must someday face.

Who is 'The Boss'?

Lousie Fisher (Ellen Woglom) became the Inhumans' primary human ally during the days the Royal Family were stranded in Oahu. She also became Medusa's friend, so the Queen turned to Louise when the Royal Family became certain the dome around Attilan was due to collapse thanks to Maximus.

Louise brought Medusa to her place of work, Callisto Aerospace in California. Together, they made her skeptical supervisor George Ashland (Tom Wright) aware of the Inhumans' existence. When Crystal (Isabelle Cornish) teleported into the room with Lockjaw, George finally took Louise seriously. George promised he would speak to 'the Boss' about the Inhumans and find them a new refuge once they evacuate the moon. George even suggested he "knows a place" the Inhumans can decamp to.

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Like the Greatest Enemy, we didn't receive any more information about who 'The Boss' of Callisto Aerospace is, except that in return for his aid, the Boss would except private access to the Inhumans. Medusa didn't ask any followup questions about what 'access' means, nor was she in a position to haggle as her main priority was securing a sanctuary for her people - fast.

Where did the Inhumans evacuate to?

As for where the Inhumans fled to when they evacuated Attilan, the season finale also didn't specify the location of their new refuge. We know they definitely went to Earth, but whether they are now making their home in Hawaii or somewhere else is unclear. Regardless, the Royal Family had to hastily transport the 1,400 Inhumans who live on Attilan (this number was Medusa's estimate) to Earth before their protective dome collapsed.

To accomplish this, the Inhumans used Eldrac (Moses Goods), the Inhuman who is also a portal to other places. Eldrac managed to get all of the Inhumans citizens to Earth, while the Royal Family used Lockjaw's teleportation powers. Sadly, being a part of Attilan itself, Eldrac had to remain behind when the city was destroyed, but not before allowing one final Inhuman to pass though his gateway: Black Bolt. The final fate of Eldrac is also unknown.

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