Marvel's Inhumans Character Posters Add Color to the Royal Family


Marvel's Inhumans are making their way out of hiding, thanks to a colorful set of posters featuring the Inhuman Royal Family. The Inhumans trailers have offered a glimpse into their world, but the eclipse has brought out the unusual in everybody and that includes said vibrant and colorful Inhumans posters. These aren't the first Inhumans character posters we have seen, but they add some much-needed color to the show's marketing. Accompanied on Twitter by the line "As the Great American Eclipse cast its shadow from West to East the Inhuman Royal Family triumphantly emerged!", these posters declare their presence, much like Jack Kirby did once upon a time in the comics.

Featured here are Anson Mount as Black Bolt, looking every inch the burdened royal figure, as well as Serinda Swan as Medusa, who is as fiery as her hair and looks ready to take on the world. They're joined by Game of Thrones actor Iwan Rheon as Maximus the Mad, whose poster is surprisingly more grey than black, suggesting that he will be a grayer figure than some might have anticipated. Given that Maximus has been described by Rheon as ruthless but not evil, this poster seems to hint at a "villain" truly burdened with glorious purpose. Or is it a facade?

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The real treat, however, are the new Inhumans posters featuring the TV show's supporting cast. We finally get a better look at Isabelle Cornish, who will be playing Medusa's sister Crystal, as she uses her powers. We also get to see Eme Ikwuakor in fine form as Gorgon and actually seeing his minotaur-like legs is a real treat. Also featured here is Mike Moh as Triton, along with a more colorful look at Ken Leung's Karnak. It's nice to see these character finally take center stage, primed and ready to join the MCU at large. You can check out the new gallery of Inhumans posters, below.

[vn_gallery name="Inhumans – Royal Family Character Posters" id="1046371"]

It's nice to finally see every character take center stage with such vibrant color. Inhumans isn't strictly taking its cue from any of the comics, but the characters are Jack Kirby creations and Kirby made great use of color. These posters hint at a series that could truly live up to Kirby's original vision and the colorful look of the larger MCU, cosmic or otherwise.  Marvel's Inhumans has a lot to prove to its audiences, no matter how amazing its IMAX scale might be.

These posters are a step in the right direction, give each of the actors a chance to shine. They look cosmic and ready for a fight. The question of if the series will measure up to the hype is still a big one, but these posters are fun and that's what's at the core of any Inhumans series.

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Inhumans premieres in IMAX theaters on September 1, before arriving on ABC on September 29.

Source: Marvel/ABC

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