Inhumans Explores the IMAX Experience With New Video & Banner

IMAX has released a new video for Marvel's Inhumans, showcasing additional footage from the show and promoting its release in theaters. So far, the general reception to photos and trailers from Inhumans has been underwhelming, with even the show's pilot episode director admitting that the Inhumans trailer was disappointing. Making matters more complicated is the multi-tiered rollout of the project. Before it comes to ABC at the end of next month, the first two episodes of Inhumans will debut in IMAX theaters with a hefty ticket price attached.

The biggest complaints about Inhumans have been with respect to the show's production design and special effects. We've been told that the Inhumans trailer footage isn't the final product, though whether or not that is accurate remains to be determined. Still, it could be that seeing Inhumans in IMAX truly sells the show. The new featurette for the series certainly strives to make that case, with interviews from the cast mixed with brand-new footage.

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IMAX is also doing a special poster giveaway for those who see the show in theaters next week. The new animated piece of promotional art features Royal Family member Crystal using her elemental powers to fill Lockjaw's mouth with water. The whole thing focuses on the potentially playful and fantastical world of the show, (arguably) selling the series in one image better than the rest of the Inhumans marketing has.

Hopefully, some of the fun and lightheartedness of the poster comes across in the actual show. Inhumans will naturally be full of drama and danger, but Marvel projects often shine when they add some levity and camaraderie to the proceedings. It will also help if the weirder aspects of the source material are focused on, like superpowers and giant teleporting dogs. So far, the show has been playing it safe with the design of the Inhumans. Luckily, the new video offers a few glimpses of some more bizarre characters from Inhumans.

The video also highlights the villainous update Auran will be given. Along with her radical change in appearance, a promo video for Inhumans has revealed that the comic book detective will become a deadly assassin in the show. This is on display in the video, as she is shown snapping the neck of an innocent bus driver. Given what we've seen so far, it looks as if she will be siding with Maximus during his coup on the series.

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Inhumans premieres in IMAX theaters on September 1. It begins airing on ABC on September 29.

Source: IMAX

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