Funko's Inhumans Toyline Includes Lockjaw, Maximus, & Medusa

Marvel Inhumans main cast

Funko has announced a Marvel’s Inhumans toyline that includes plushies and Pop! figures. The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues its expansion not only on the big screen but also on TV and streaming services such as Netflix. Between the release of Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix and Thor: Ragnarok in theaters, the Inhuman Royal Family will make their TV debut on ABC.

With the premiere date set for September 1, the marketing campaign has officially begun, and there’s one company that is never left behind: Funko. The toyline has become a fan (and collectors) favorite as they normally announce toylines of the biggest film and TV releases of the year months ahead, and Inhumans is no exception.

Funko revealed their upcoming Inhumans toyline, which includes the bulldog-like escort of the Inhuman Royal Family, Lockjaw, in two plushie sizes of 5’’ and 12’’; this last one can be found exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us. Lockjaw will also have its own Pop! figure, as well as supervillain and Black Bolt’s brother Maximus, played by Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones). The Queen of Attilan, Medusa (played by Serina Swan) is also getting the Pop! treatment, but will be a Hot Topic exclusive.

The rest of the Inhumans – Gorgon, Crystal, Karnak, and most notably Black Bolt – are not included, but it’s doubtful that Funko will let them behind. For now, the Lockjaw plushies will be available on September, while the Maximus, Lockjaw, and Medusa Pops will be available in August.

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Originally planned as part of the MCU’s Phase 3, the Inhumans film was removed from the slate and became a TV series instead. The species was first introduced to the MCU in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and while this new Marvel TV show won’t follow the inhuman characters already established in the MCU, there will most likely be connections between the two shows – after all, everything is connected in the MCU.

Inhumans centers around Black Bolt (Anson Mount), King of Attilan and head of the Inhuman Royal Family, and other members of the family (such as Medusa, Maximus, Gorgon, Crystal, Karnak, Triton, and Lockjaw) as they escape to Hawaii after a military coup. The series was partly filmed on IMAX and will be the first live-action TV series to debut on IMAX screens.

It seems odd that Funko left Black Bolt behind in this first announcement, but given that he is one of the main characters, it’s safe to say that he will get his own figure soon. So far, the TV show has been criticised over the appearance of its characters, and it’s worth noting that the figures’ costumes are more like the ones in the comics than those seen on the trailers and official photos from the series.

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Inhumans premieres in IMAX on September 1, and on ABC on September 29.

Source: Funko

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