Jimmy Kimmel Takes Shot at Inhumans' Failure During ABC Upfronts

Jimmy Kimmel throws some shade at ABC for botching Marvel's Inhumans. Originally planned as one of the films in MCU's third phase, the IP was eventually converted to be a small screen offering instead, joining Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.EL.D. on the network. It was never fully explained why the change had to happen, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige continues to keep his mum on the matter, even hilariously dodging a question about the show.

Despite the supposed massive budget and even extensive marketing ploys, Inhumans fell flat. Critics cited its poor character work and weak narrative as its biggest flaws. While Marvel properties are a hit or miss when it comes to layered storylines, and some of the finer details with regard to interconnectivity can be confusing, it's highly unusual for the company to not create compelling characters. Which is why it wasn't a surprise when ABC decided to ax the series only after its first season.

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Appearing at ABC's Upfronts, Kimmel, who hosts a nightly show on the network titled Jimmy Kimmel Live! roasted the broadcast station by poking fun at Inhumans' failure. TV Line's Matt Mitovich who was at the presentation took it to his official Twitter account to share what the comedian said about the canceled series, read it below:

Kimmel isn't entirely wrong though. While Marvel properties are of varying quality, they are mostly always well-received. Even the MCU's low-tiered films like Thor: The Dark World and The Incredible Hulk were still enjoyed by a significant group of fans despite both of them being mostly disliked by the general viewing audience. That said, the comedian missed Netflix's Iron Fist which was really the first Marvel project that people really disliked. Its negative reviews might have even affected the reception for The Defenders which was released just months after it debuted. Granted, Kimmel couldn't really reference it considering that it's not with ABC, but technically, the Inhumans wasn't the only Marvel IP that was panned by critics.

The only difference between the two is, while Marvel's Inhumans is officially dead at ABC, Netflix is giving Iron Fist a second chance to redeem itself with a sophomore season order. Whether or not it was the right decision for the streaming service giant remains to be seen as the Finn Jones-starrer is still waiting for a release date. With Marvel now pretty much having burned the IP, fans can't help but wonder if it would've been a better decision for the company to have stuck out with their original plan and debut the characters in a feature film instead of a TV series, especially now that the Feige and the movie division of the brand leaning towards cosmic entities such as Captain Marvel and The Eternals.

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Source: Matt Mitovich/Twitter

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