Marvel’s Inhumans Adds Star Actor Chad James Buchanan

Filming on Marvel, ABC, and IMAX's Inhumans mini-series may already be underway, but it appears they've added a new cast member in Chad James Buchanan. The first-of-a-kind series will see the first two episodes debut for a limited time in IMAX on September 1st before all eight episodes air on a weekly basis on ABC, and the cast and crew have been working on the project in Hawaii for the past few weeks. The series announced the full cast filled with expected members of the Royal Family and a few surprises in just a matter of days, and it appeared all big roles were filled.

However, with the new Inhumans synopsis revealing a plot that will take place primarily on Earth, there will surely be other characters that Black Bolt and his family interact with. One of the roles such as this may have just been filled.

Actor Chad James Buchanan announced on Twitter that he has joined the cast of Inhumans, and is currently heading to Hawaii to begin work on the series. Character details are not yet known, but with all major Inhumans cast, he could be one of the new human characters that either help or work against the Royal Family. Buchanan has appeared in a number of high profile shows such as GleeGrey's Anatomy, and Jane the Virgin, but his biggest role yet came just this year as a series regular on Fox's Star.

Buchanan's resume shows his experience, but he is not yet an actor that is instantly recognizable. Depending on how big of a role he will have in Inhumans, this could very well be that role. The series cast is filled with actors of different level of notoriety, and with Buchanan's role being the one we know the least about, it is not surprising to see Marvel cast someone that (potentially) can grow with the character as the series develops and hopefully continues.

Unless the Royal Family is able to find refuge with pro-Inhuman supporters, it would not be too surprising if it is revealed Buchanan is playing someone involved with the military organization that is hunting down the lead characters. It has previously been confirmed that Ellen Woglom's mystery character will be involved with this organization as well, but with her description making it sound like she will be more of an ally than a foe, it could Buchanan that fills the antagonist human role.

There is also the possibility that he could be one of 'NuHumans' teased to appear (such as Reader), so it is difficult to pinpoint where exactly Buchanan will be featured. Marvel has yet to confirm his casting, so he could very well have a minor role, but this is just one more aspect to keep an eye on as production continues.

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Inhumans screens in IMAX theaters for two weeks starting Friday, September 1, prior to its television debut on Tuesday, September 26 on ABC.

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