The New Scenes In The ABC Broadcast of Marvel's Inhumans


In the IMAX version, there is a brief interlude set at the Callisto Aerospace Control Center in California. There, the technicians controlling the lunar rover reacted in shock at the footage of Gorgon's hoof smashing their camera feed. The ABC version adds much more footage, introducing a major human character, a "brilliant" blonde analyst named Louise (Ellen Woglom), who is more than a little reminiscent of Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) from Arrow. When Gorgon brings the lunar rover into Attilan and is accused of letting whomever is watching the footage on Earth see his  hoof, the show cuts to the scientists in California noting that the footage they're seeing looks like a hoof. A second scene has Louise's supervisor blaming her for the loss of the $80-million lunar rover and telling her to figure out what happened to it.

The most important scene involving Louise takes place in the second hour when she is able to figure out that four energy bursts from the moon transported to the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Though she has no idea what the Inhumans are at this point, Louise explains her findings to her supervisor, who accuses her of being "nutty," and decides to relieve her of her duties. Louise instead volunteers to "take some time off." Next, Louise is shown in her apartment packing her things. Our final glimpse of Louise occurs after she has landed in Honolulu. She enters a cab and sees news footage in the backseat television screen of Black Bolt fighting the Hawaii police in downtown Honolulu and accidentally blowing a police cruiser down the street with his powers. Louise looks poised to play a major role in the series as one of the Inhumans' allies on Earth.


The extra nine minutes of footage do serve to deepen Maximus' motivations and machinations, as well as provide extra backstory and context to the shared past of his family with Medusa/Crystal's family. The increased focus on Crystal in the new scenes gives her a smidge of added depth, even if her role in the narrative thus far is basically to be held prisoner. In addition, the Louise scenes seem to have been cut to center the IMAX narrative primarily on the Inhuman characters. Her investigations into what happened to the rover have no real payoff in the first two episodes except for her deciding to travel to Honolulu, so it's understandable why Louise was mostly left on the cutting room floor for the theatrical version.

Sadly, Lockjaw, like Medusa's hair, seems to be a casualty of the series' limited special effects budget and there's no additional scenes of the CGI teleporting dog to enjoy. Nor can the added scenes hope to repair the numerous plot holes, flaws in the writing, and drab production design. The  ratings will answer the biggest question surrounding Inhumans: Will ABC cancel the series early? Time and ratings will tell whether Inhumans will see its entire 8 episode run through to the end.


Marvel's Inhumans airs Friday nights @ 9pm on ABC.

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