After the Death of Thanos, Marvel Teases the Infinity Wars

Last week's Infinity Wars Prime shocked viewers with the death of Thanos, the Mad Titan. In the wake of that unexpected plot twist, Marvel has released a promotional video advertising the Infinity Wars event, which kicks off this week.

Marvel has spent the last few months getting the pieces in place for the Infinity Wars event. The Infinity Stones are in play once again, and Doctor Strange has assembled an unlikely Infinity Watch to stand in their defense. But a new threat is emerging from the shadows, a mysterious new villain known as Requiem. She made her debut in last week's Infinity Wars Prime, in which she killed Thanos himself and slaughtered his Chitauri army. Given the ease with which Requiem assassinated Thanos, it's clear she's going to be a major player.

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In the wake of Thanos's death, Marvel has released a promotional trailer advertising Infinity Wars. "This is the summer of secrets," C.B. Cebulski promises, and that's an exciting statement given the build-up to Infinity Wars has already explained the true nature of the Infinity Stones. According to writer Gerry Duggan, Thanos's death is essentially the inciting incident for everything that will follow. "We've all seen Thanos with the Gauntlet," he points out, "and this is a new story."

The trailer reveals that the first act of Infinity Wars will essentially be a "battle royale" plot, with the Infinity Stones front-and-center. Promotional art in the trailer suggests that the bearers of the Infinity Stones will actually wind up going head-to-head, something that's rarely been seen before. Who will triumph in a battle between the wielder of the Power Stone and the bearer of the Time Stone? How will the Infinity Stones complement the different powersets of the people who keep them safe - from Captain Marvel to Black Widow, from Turk Barrett to Adam Warlock? It looks as though Requiem will then wade into the conflict, and things don't look too good for Groot at least.

The third issue will reshape the Marvel Universe, presumably through use of the Reality Stone. Classic characters will be blended into new hybrid Marvel heroes. Iron Man and Thor, for example, will become Iron Hammer; X-23 and Scarlet Witch will become Hex-23; Spider-Man and Moon Knight will become the Arachknight. It's still unclear whether the creation of these hybrid heroes is a part of Requiem's plan, or whether it's a result of the heroes attempting to stop her. At first glance, the Infinity Wars event seems like just another attempt to cash in on the success of a movie. But the introduction of these mysterious and innovative "Infinity Warps" turns the story into something remarkably fresh and original.

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Infinity Wars #1 releases on August 1, 2018.

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