Marvel Reveals [Spoiler] Killed Thanos in Infinity Wars

Warning: SPOILERS for Infinity Wars #1

Following the shocking death of Thanos in Marvel's Infinity Wars event, the killer's true identity has been revealed: Thanos' daughter, Gamora. The former Guardian of the Galaxy has taken the name "Requiem," and is being set up as the Marvel Universe's next big villain (that's what happens when you decapitate Thanos).

Gamora's relationship with Thanos is a key part of both the Marvel Universe and the MCU. In both continuities, Thanos raised Gamora to be an assassin, but Gamora eventually rebelled and became a hero. Though Thanos truly loved Gamora, he murdered her to achieve his dream in Avengers: Infinity War.

But Gamora's comic book counterpart is headed for a very different ending, even with Thanos dead.

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Infinity Wars #1 focuses on the aftermath of Thanos' death, but actually begins prior to it, with Gamora visiting Star-Lord and urging him to ignore Doctor Strange's plan to form a new Infinity Watch. To make sure Strange's alliance must wait, Gamora swaps out Star-Lord's Power Stone for a fake before leaving. A deception found out when the holders of the Infinity Stones arrive at the Sanctum Sanctorum for the meeting, and Turk Barrett uses the Mind Stone to discover that Star-Lord's stone is a fake.

Requiem arrives having just beheaded Thanos, with Gamora soon revealed to be the real enemy all along. Gamora placed the Power Stone in the hilt of her sword and used it to kill Thanos, and has now come to gather the other Infinity Stones to retrieve the "piece" of her soul that is still trapped inside of the Soul Stone. While everyone is still reeling from the revelation, Gamora stabs Star-Lord in the chest, seemingly killing him, too.

Though Gamora's skillset, multiple attempts to kill Thanos, and reputation as "the deadliest woman in the universe" certainly fits what we've seen of Requiem, the twist doesn't come as any less of a shock, considering her history as a hero, a former member of Adam Warlock's Infinity Watch, and a Guardian of the Galaxy.

But even if Marvel may be turning Gamora into a villain, in some ways it seems fitting that the character who finally offs Thanos is the same character Thanos killed to achieve his mission in the big screen version of Avengers: Infinity War.

This sudden change in Gamora is likely explained by events that unfolded in Infinity Countdown. After Ultron trapped Hank Pym in the Soul Stone, Pym encountered an elderly version of Gamora, who is apparently a fragment of Gamora's soul. Gamora has been separated from this part of her soul for quite some time, and it's possible that its absence is what led her down this path.

Gamora now aims to access the Soul Stone and become whole again. But it remains to be seen if Gamora will realize the error of her ways at any point in the mission - especially if her attack on Star-Lord is as permanent as it seems.

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Infinity Wars #1 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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