The Origin of Marvel's Infinity Stones Explained

Here is where the story becomes a little far-fetched from a fiction standpoint, as Thanos gazes into something called The Infinity Well, and basically learns the true nature of the Soul Gems. Not just where they came from, but the fact that they are actually called Infinity Gems, and only one of them rightly deserved the name of "Soul Gem." Thanos also realizes their true power, and that acquiring all six of them - now possible with the extra powers Death has given him, and his own genius - will make him a god. Even more powerful than Death, as a matter of fact, since control over life and death is just one of SIX powers he will soon unlock.

Thanos keeps this plan a secret from Death (explaining their strained, unrequited romance), but does it all to better execute the mass murder she demands. What he doesn't tell her is how the Infinity Gems were created, or by who. Luckily, those secrets ARE explained to the reader.

The True Origin Of The Infinity Stones

Comic fans know there are too many cosmic weapons or treasured, mystical artifacts on Marvel's Universe to count - and just as many all-powerful beings capable of making and wielding them. But the Infinity Gems represent something truly all-powerful, that came before the entire Marvel Universe - and from which came everything else inside of it. As Thanos learns from the Infinity Well, there was, in the beginning, a single cosmic lifeform. Existing beyond all reality and limitations, it was a Supreme being with no peer or name. Thanos suggests it could be called God - as in the monotheistic God of the real world religions - but for all its power, it was alone. And therefore, it was lonely.

Deciding such a solitary existence wasn't worth living (a nice glimpse into Thanos's own psyche there), the supreme being ended its own life. Annihilating itself, the energy, power, and life it possessed erupted into... well, everything that exists in Mars entire universe, from top to bottom. But the essence of its mastery over reality was too strong to be released.

And so, the most powerful elements possible - even fathomable - only to God were set aside. They were condensed into gems, granting the one who possessed each them one aspect of the Infinite:

  • The Time Gem: "With it, reach back into the primordial past or delve into the far distant future. Infinity is clay waiting to be molded."
  • The Space Gem: "Distance becomes a mere intellectual concept. Consider the possibility, and you are there... everywhere or nowhere."
  • The Mind Gem: "No thought shall remain a secret. Reach out and feel the dreams and aspirations of every living being. A universe of thralls."
  • The Power Gem: "Backs the might of the other five. It draws strength from the ends of Infinity. Enables though to become reality. The glue that holds what is in place."
  • The Soul Gem: "With it, the very core of what life is can be twisted and bent. Turn sinners into saints and saints into monster. And the dead--their souls are also within your control."
  • The Reality Gem: "How can one explain the inconceivable? Facts lose their meaning because they no longer have to be. Dream, and it will be."

Hopefully, that explains why possessing one Infinity Gem, or Infinity Stone as they're now called in Marvel's movie universe is so dangerous. On their own, they provide a glimpse of their power over the fabric of the universe. But as they are united, reinforcing one another's effects, they reach closer and closer to total power and control over the entirety of Creation.

Maybe not what that original lonely being intended. But a recipe for some thrilling cosmic adventures, and soon a universe-uniting blockbuster in The Avengers: Infinity War.

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