Marvel's Infinity Stones Comic Event Gets New Trailer

A new trailer and featurette for Marvel's upcoming big event, Infinity Countdown, teases the next battle for the Infinity Stones.

A new trailer for Infinity Countdown #1 teases Marvel's next big event and the hunt for the Infinity Stones. Though Marvel promised that their new Legacy initiative would do away with the publisher's reliance on big, universe-wide events, that doesn't appear to be the case. Not only is Infinity Countdown on the horizon, but it will see Marvel relaunch their comics before Legacy is even a year old. But with Avengers: Infinity War set to put the spotlight on the powerful McGuffins, there was hardly any doubt that Marvel would similarly hype the Stones in their books.

The new event kicked off with Adam Warlock returning to the Marvel universe in a new one-shot that teased the destruction awaiting everyone. Teaming up with Kang, he was sent to 2018 to help stop the next battle for the Infinity Gauntlet. That book was followed by Infinity Countdown Prime #1 which established where the Infinity Stones are, including some unlikely locations. Now, a new trailer sees the minds behind the event hinting at what it will bring to the Marvel Universe.

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Marvel Entertainment released a new trailer/featurette for Infinity Countdown #1 that includes writer Gerry Duggan and new Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski. In between discussing the event and their ideas for it, we see images from various books including Infinity Countdown Prime #1 and the Adam Warlock one-shot. So for those who weren't up to date, the stakes of Marvel's next big event should now be clear.

The reveals of who holds the Stones (for the time being) were shocking. We've known about the likes of Captain Marvel, the Guardians, and Wolverine, but it turns out Daredevil lowlife Turk Barrett actually wields the Mind Stone. Meanwhile, Hank Pym has returned as Ultron and grabbed the Reality Stone for himself. And with Super-Skrull gaining the Time Stone, it's so far half villains and half heroes.

The book also promises to reveal some new details about the Stones. Marvel has been promoting a graphic that explains the connection between the Infinity Stones and how certain ones need to be mastered before others. With the Stones set to have a big spotlight in the MCU, it looks like Marvel felt the time was perfect to add some new lore to them in the comics. And as this is our first encounter with the Stones since Secret Wars birthed the 8th iteration of the Multiverse (long story), there's no telling what the artifacts are capable of now.

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Infinity Countdown #1 will be available March 7 from Marvel and comic book retailers.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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