Marvel Gives an Infinity Stone to an MCU Avenger

WARNING - Spoilers for Infinity Countdown #1


Infinity Countdown has officially begun, and an MCU superstar has one of the Infinity Stones. The latest Marvel comic event ends with the hilarious reveal of Wolverine passing the Space Stone to a recently deceased Avenger: Black Widow. Since Secret Wars reset the universe, the powerful Infinity Stones have been out of play. But last year's Legacy #1 brought them back alongside Wolverine to tease the next big battle to come.

Along with Logan coming back to life in time for Infinity Countdown, Adam Warlock was revived in the buildup to the new event. He's one of many heroes and villains currently vying for the Stones, a mad dash that looks to lead to the death of the Marvel Universe. So as the heroes try and avert disaster, villains like Super-Skrull, Ultron, and Turk Barrett are using the Stones for their own gain. The Stones have changed hands a few times in past months, but luckily Logan has given his up to someone trustworthy—at least we hope.

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Much of Infinity Countdown #1 follows the battle for the Power Stone, which is the size of building in its new form. Protecting it are Drax and the Nova Corps, with new villains the Fraternity of Raptors seeking it. But at the last minute, a rogue group of Chitauri arrive as well. Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy are off on their own mission fighting the Eternal Gardener on a planet full of evil Groots.

Things end when the Gardener is restored to sanity and he evolves Baby Groot to an adult. And rounding out the issue, we see a mysterious figure show up at a safe house in Madripoor to collect something special.

For those who haven't been reading Tales of Suspense, it may be a shock to see Black Widow alive after her death in Secret Empire. But as Infinity Countdown has once again demonstrated, comic characters don't stay dead for long. We don't know much about the revived Logan or how he got the Space Stone, but it seems he gained a sense of humor since his death. Leaving one of the most powerful objects in the world inside a toilet tank in a country almost entirely populated by criminals is a bold move, but hopefully Widow is a worthy recipient.

Black Widow is typically a hero, but she certainly has her own agenda and methods. She's frequently at odds with the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. and she's been racking up a body count since she came back from the dead. Of course, Logan is much the same, so perhaps the Stone is just as safe as ever. We still don't know what this game of cosmic hot potato will lead to, but expect the story of the Space Stone—and possibly Logan's resurrection—to unfold next issue.

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Infinity Countdown #1 is available now from Marvel and comic book retailers.

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