Every Power Marvel's Infinity Stones Will Give Thanos

WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for The Avengers: Infinity War


Exactly what powers will Thanos have when he claims the Infinity Stones in Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War?  Fans of Marvel's movie universe may think they know the answers, as the Infinity Stones have been introduced one by one. Or, in the case of the Tesseract and Loki's Scepter, been revealed as the true power source of previous MCU weapons. But the villains who have wielded the Stones so far pale in comparison to a villain like Thanos. Which means the world hasn't gotten the slightest idea of what the Infinity Gauntlet can do to the Avengers once Thanos has harnessed the Stones. Luckily, we do.

The Marvel films have made some changes to the comic book versions of the Infinity Stones, particularly changing the colors of each (driving theory-spinning fans into a frenzy as a result). But based on the Infinity Stones in the original Marvel Comics, and the powers we've seen most of them display on film, some educated guesses can be made. Avengers: Infinity War or its sequel may throw some surprise powers into the mix, but for now, here's what we think fans can expect to see when Thanos gathers the Infinity Stones one by one.

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There won't be any more spoilers in this Infinity Stone explanation than would be seen in reading the comics on which Infinity War is based. And even if fans have predictions on the attacks coming the Avengers' way, there is still at least ONE Infinity Stone yet to be revealed...

This Page: The Mind Stone & Power Stone

What Powers Will The Mind Stone Give Thanos?

Fans may forever debate the idea that Thanos would willingly give up an Infinity Stone he had already acquired. But believable or not, the Scepter entrusted to Loki in The Avengers was much more than a "mind control stick". It wasn't until Avengers: Age of Ultron that the truth of Loki's Scepter was revealed. It may have looked like a blue jewel doing the magic... but it was actually the yellow Mind Stone. After the fact, it was easy to see how the Infinity Stone had been used for one of its most direct, and all-purpose powers. Mainly, granting the wielder the ability to take over the minds of other beings, and have them follow orders, or give up any information or secrets they held (such as controlling Hawkeye and manipualting the rest of the Avengers in their debut outing).

In Age of Ultron, the Mind Stone was used to effectively give "life" to Vision - or some higher form of it, the film seemed to imply. In the end, he only really used to blast energy beams, but remember: it was the Mind Stone that gave Scarlet Witch her powers of mind control, hallucinations, dream invasion, and forced delusions. Add in what looks to be Vision using the Mind Stone to appear human in Infinity War, and that is one dangerous object.

Once Thanos gets his hands on it - assuming Vision doesn't survive his attack from the trailers - expect to see every one of these powers on full show. In the comics, the Mind Stone turned a moment of Thanos' wild rage into a universe-spanning wave of psionic energy. It obliterated planets and stars, and when striking Earth - at just 2% of its power - sunk Japan, the Western coast of the United States, and more. It will also give Thanos access to the thoughts, fears, fantasies, and dreams of Marvel's heroes - which can be twisted with help from the other Infinity Stones.

What Powers Will The Power Stone Give Thanos?

The Power Stone was introduced to the MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy. While posing a threat itself, the Power Stone helped establish some general ideas about all the Infinity Stones (too powerful for most to wield, and one of a set of concentrated "singularities"). It is, as its name implies, exceptionally powerful. Powerful enough to wipe out worlds, as shown in Guardians. Beyond that, the actual attacks or powers offered aren't that complicated.

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The Power Stone amplifies any strengths of the wielder, meaning Thanos would be even stronger than he already is. It also grants control over all "power" in the Marvel Universe - a gift which will come in handy when cosmic heroes use their own power/energy/mystical attacks against him (effectively reduced to nothing, if he wishes). But the most interesting effect of the Power Stone is the boost it provides to every other Infinity Stone in the Gauntlet. For example: pair the Power Stone with the Mind Stone and Thanos can not only invade the minds of his enemies but enter the mind of every living being in the universe.

So yeah, the Power Stone is... powerful.

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