22 Crazy Fan Redesigns That Change The Hulk Forever

He's literally one of the biggest comic book heroes (and complicated villains) of all time. The Incredible Hulk may have largely sat in the backseat during Avengers: Infinity War but he hasn't stopped fueling fan ides for incredibly creative and sometimes disturbing redesigns. In fact, seeing scared-Hulk (or resentful-Hulk, whichever camp you subscribe to) may have only fanned the flames of creation for the many fans of the Hulk.

While we expect to hear, "Hulk smash!" the utterances of "Hulk bake!" and "Hulk get in Pokeball!" aren't something we're ever going to encounter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That's why it's so much fun to speculate on what an alternative version of the Incredible Hulk might sound, act, and especially look like.

Bruce Banner's alter ego is one of the most beloved Avengers and therefore one of the most re-imagined, and fans have taken the challenge of transforming him to realms far outside our own.

From clothing changes to being clothing itself, the Hulk has become something of a phenomenon through the imaginations of his fans. Once you see the following fan redesigns, you can't unsee them and they change the Marvel world as we know it even without ever gracing the page of a comic book or the big screen. Move over, Red Hulk, She-Hulk, and other official Marvel retcons and spin-offs!

Make way for Luchador Hulk, Hulk Bambi and other incredible takes on the big green guy in these 22 Crazy Fan Redesigns That Change The Hulk Forever!

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22 Armored Hulk

Does the Hulk actually need a bunch of armor? Not really, but who cares? It looks awesome in RansomGetty's "Hulk Redesign" piece.

Not only is he sporting some cool weaponized costuming courtesy of the artist's disdain for the hero's costume, but he also has some pretty wicked facial hair that's a cross between sleepy just-out-of-bed supermodel and Bluto from Popeye, combining to give us even more complicated feelings about the piece.

The detail work here, from the gray-green color choice to the bald spot due to - according to the author - steroids, really makes this work stand out.

21 Luchador Hulk

The Hulk as a wrestler is a brilliant idea, and artist nekokawai totally ran with it in this redesign.

Will we ever be able to imagine him without this cool mask and swirling tattoos ever again?

Probably, but it's still a pretty arresting image of a character who's often had little control over his emotions. A luchador has to really enforce strict control over his actions, which makes this fan redesign even more impressive.

The artist has created several other cool Avengers redesigns as well, including a brooding Black Widow complete with a sword and Captain America with a pretty fantastic cape.

20 She-Hulk, Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

She-Hulk fanart

While this redesign is technically She-Hulk and not one of Banner himself, it's such a cool idea that we had to share it. Artist Biram-Ba of Poland says that this version of She-Hulk is his own head-canon idea of the character. She works for the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division and looks like a pretty formidable member of the team.

At the artist's Tumblr page, it is explained that Valerie Adams is the inspiration behind the character, rather than lawyer and cousin to Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters.

19 Thug Life Hulk

There's a T-shirt that reads, "Thug life? Drop the T and get over here!" We could picture this version of the Hulk giving out free hugs as long as they didn't cramp his cool style.

NakedMazaFaker has created a hip, fun version of Banner that we'd love to see singing, dancing or both. From the jewelry to the purple stripes to the 'stache, this is one novel version of the big guy that makes us feel sad to know we'll never see it on the big screen.

The detail work here is incredible. Check out the hat texture and monogrammed shorts!

18 Pikachu Hulk

No Poke Ball could contain the Hulk, you say? Who would even choose him, anyway? Cap? Stark?

This version of the Pokémon by artist TimothyWilson seems to fit more with the Five Nights at Freddy's cast than with either the Avengers or Ash and the gang anyway.

We're pretty sure this fluffy version of the Hulk still looks like he could take on Thanos.

Climb his leg, give him a good chomp, and the rest of the team can grab the Gauntlet.

17 Hulk/Venom Mashup

It's the mashup of your nightmares, especially if your dreams carry fresh Symbiote in them, as they are sure to do once the Venom film is released just in time for this Halloween.

Artist Shawn-Langley blended the Hulk with Venom to create this horrifying creature that probably operates on pure id.

Does the piece portray the struggle as the Hulk fights off the influence of the Symbiote, or is it depicting the molding of two willing partners - one eager to embrace a new host while the other welcomes the chance to run wild with reckless abandon?

16 Harry Potter Hulk

If the Hulk went to Hogwarts, we're pretty sure the Great Hall would be trashed, the Slytherin common room would get flooded and the creatures of the Forbidden Forest would run for their lives in a way the Marauders never dreamed.

But if the Hulk were Harry Potter as artist RockyDavies suggests here, there might be a little more restraint from the great green Gryffindor, right?

Let's be real: no way.

Potter is in trouble every day of the week and this would only make it worse.

Besides, there's no way his invisibility cloak could cover the Hulk!

15 Lil Hulk

In every list of Marvel redesigns, there needs to be at least one little cutie you'd snuggle and want to display on your bed or bookshelf. Artist KevinRaganit's Lil Hulk is just that.

Sure, he looks a little disgruntled, but those soft chibi features just beg for a cuddle, don't you think?

The artist wasn't content to leave it at just the pencil and inked Photoshop Hulk, either. Additional creations, including Cap, Iron Man, Black Widow, Loki, Thor, and Hawkeye, are also pretty cute.

14 Hulk Dragon

Artist LyntonLevengood designed an awesome and terrifying creature that blends the Incredible Hulk with a dragon. The result is a much more monstrous and formidable foe.

Would Thanos have stood a chance against this beastly creature?

We really don't care, we just want to see it in action.

The artist is known for turning lots of iconic characters, from Deadpool to Iron Man, into dragons. He'll also consider turning other favorite heroes into dragons if viewers leave a comment, too.

13 Fix-It Hulk

Don't you think that the Hulk has potential as a loveable ham-handed building wrecker who drives fear into the hearts of cute apartment dwellers?

Artist JessicaKholinne's "Fix It Hulk" combines the gamma ray giant with the titular character in Wreck It Ralph.

The artist painted in the lineart created by a fellow artist, altifirmansyah, in a collaborative piece that has us wishing for more characters from the film transformed into Marvel people.

Black Widow as Calhoun is a given, but how about Stark as King Candy?

12 Hulk Bambi

Artist wakosaki has ensured that Bambi can never be referred to a wimpy deer ever again by giving him radiation poisoning.

In this case, the fawn retained most of his original look but bulked up as if the Hulk infected him somehow.

We'd think twice about shooting this little guy's mother because we're pretty sure he could take any hunter on, gun or no gun, with his beefy Hulk biceps.

Remember how tough Bambi's dad looked in that movie? The prince would definitely surpass the king if he were exposed to gamma radiation.

11 Mecha Hulk

If the Hulk found himself in the world of Mazinger Z, what might happen? Artist benedickbana answered this very question with his creation of Mecha Hulk!

The colors are vibrant and awesome, and you can practically see the radiation oozing out of the helmet and the rest of the suit. The artist has done more stellar works featuring additional Avengers, too, but this may be the most eye-catching of the collection.

It's an incredible design that not only pays homage to the Japanese super robots but makes all of us want to see a Pacific Rim movie starring the Hulk.

10 Space Hulk

No set of fanart redesigns is complete without a space version of the character.

Artist piofoks has created an amazing rendition of the Hulk in space with some inspiration from Warhammer and the Terminator. While there's a hint of the Hulk there, much of the monster is redesigned as the space creature complete with a cool mask, headgear and spikes.

The glowing red eyes really make this art appear ominous, as if we are not quite sure whether or not this guy is on our side.

In other words, same Hulk, different look!

9 Man Bun Hulk

Hulk isn't modern enough, you say? Given how far the newer Marvel movies have come when analyzed alongside the first films over a decade ago, perhaps the heroes need a little more updating in order to compete with Ant-Man and Black Panther. It worked for Thor, so why not Banner?

This version of the Hulk created by artofflariz appears brooding yet somehow glamorous, as if he would be get scouted off the street and become the newest modeling sensation. Yeah, he would probably go into a rage and destroy the clothes and set at his modeling gig, but still, we dig the bun.

The action scene around him looks pretty cool, too.

8 Scar Hulk

Bambi and Wreck It Ralph just weren't enough. We need an evil villainous Disney villain Hulk. Hence, artist Alianovna gives us Scar Hulk!

The artist even drew him as a kinder, more benevolent lion in Bruce Banner form.

What we want to know is what the Hulk's vocabulary sounds like as Scar, whom Jeremy Irons and Jim Cummings made sound quite cunning and cultured. "Hulk coup!" doesn't seem to really cut it, does it?

We can't decide if it would be fun or horrifying to hear the green lion sing...

7 Hipster Hulk

The man bun itself just wasn't enough. We need a Hulk that can get with the times and order coffee in a complicated enough manner to fit in with the populace.

Artist StephenByrne86 helps Hulk adjust to 2018 life by making hipster Hulk. He seems pretty capable with his great 'do, facial hair, and impractical overalls, but we wonder if he would really know his way around a battle field.

Not to worry: Byrne made a whole set of Hipster Avengers to keep the big guy company and hopefully between them all, they can still take on the bad guys.

6 Toon Hulk

He's a little caveman and a lot toony. This version of the Hulk, created by artist NachoMon, is not only an adorable reminder to Loki, also pictured, about what happens to little adopted brothers who stir up trouble, but also a gift the author made for a sick kid, which is so kind.

We can see why the child might enjoy this rendition of his favorite superhero.

With an epic square jaw, a Neanderthal brow and that awesome expression, he's one of our favorites.

When it comes to gods versus monsters, this really puts things in perspective.

5 Demon Hulk

We've seen what Hulk might look like as a dragon, now how about a demon? Artist nightwing1975 can help with that.

He's all horns, talons, and teeth, sharpening the bulky mass we're used to associating with the Hulk with a sleek, sharper take on the hero.

The tail looks almost as if it's made of rock, but the cool purple pants and intricate scale detail really create dimension in this piece.

We can't help but notice how intelligent this version of the Hulk appears with his clear, focused eyes, too. As angry as he might be, he's clearly in control of his faculties.

4 Purple Hulk Kuma

Instead of just purple shorts, why don't we see what the Hulk might look like as a purple monster?

Artist qbsamurai postulates what Kuma and Hulk might become if one were to be infused with the blood of the other. The result looks pretty cool, we must admit.

The detail work here is really incredible. You have to appreciate the radiation symbol, cracked nails and teeth, and that blast in the background is as ominous as it gets.

Note the black pants: now that the big guy is purple, he has to change up the wardrobe a bit.

3 Martial Arts Hulk

"Hulk has no need for martial arts," one might scoff, and indeed, many versions of the Hulk really don't have the capacity for any form of fighting that requires a lot of thought and training like martial arts do.

While his visceral, if chaotic, style of smashing things is entertaining, hulkdaddg's version of the Hulk as a martial arts expert is really fun. Not only does it bring Bruce Lee to mind, but it makes us imagine a whole new style of combat on screen that would be intriguing to witness.

Maybe this is just what scaredy-Hulk needs to face Thanos: a few judo lessons.

2 Gammastorm

What happens when radiation exposure leads to the Hulk combining with another force - in this case, Rick Jones, AKA Firestorm?

Needham-Comics designed and amalgam of the possibility, dubbing the resulting creature Gammastorm! The artist says that combining the two characters together was akin to playing Tetris.

The idea behind it was to fit two different characters together to create a character with unlimited strength.

The look is a unique one that combines the two without heavily leaning on one or the other, which opens the door for many other possibilities.

1 Cow Hulk

The Hulk as a cow. As ridiculous as it sounds, we have to admit that it's something we'd have never come up with ourselves.

According to artist Zummeng, this piece of Fightin' Herds fan art features Arizona as "Cow-Hulk," which is adorable. It's a bit hard to see the Hulk resemblance, aside from the ground smashing and the green gamma ray eyes, but the subtle design is definitely a unique take on the big green giant.

Zummeng has created Fightin' Herds cows for other heroes as well as other cool hero-animal hybrids, like Wonder Woman as a white tiger.


Which redesign of The Incredible Hulk is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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