Marvel: Hogwarts Houses Of Doctor Strange Characters

Yer a wizard, Stephen! Doctor Strange learns about magic in adulthood, but the acerbic Avenger and his allies would have fit right in at Hogwarts.

Yer a wizard, Stephen!  Doctor Strange learns about magic in adulthood, but the acerbic Avenger and his friends and allies would have fit right in at Hogwarts.  From insistent studiers to brave warriors to the kind and community-minded, Doctor Strange characters (and characters that are closely associated with him in Infinity War and Endgame) belong in all four Hogwarts houses.

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Doctor Strange's environment is more academic than most in the MCU, but it takes more than a love of books to make a Ravenclaw.  Find out the Hogwarts houses of Doctor Strange characters below!

10 Christine Palmer:  Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff can get a bad rap, but the world needs lots of kind and loyal badgers who put others first.  Christine Palmer, a committed E.R. surgeon, first bursts on to the scene hoping to save a patient already declared dead by another doctor.  She's willing to enlist the help of her ex, the difficult Stephen Strange.

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Christine's a generous soul.  She's willing to stay friends with a difficult ex, and even persistently tries to recruit him to work in the emergency room where his prodigious talents could save many lives.  Where other doctors are concerned with facts or reputation, Christine is motivated by a bone-deep desire to help people.  She even sticks by Stephen as he spirals out of control after his accident until it's time for some tough love, and operates on him no questions asked when he drops into her ER with no warning.

9 The Ancient One:  Ravenclaw

The Ancient One is a Ravenclaw through and through.  Her commitment to academics and teaching is one strong indicator; even moments before her death, the Ancient One is reaching for a teachable moment.  But her prizing of knowledge over such petty concerns as whether the source of her power is good or evil is a good example of the less charming qualities that can sometimes characterize Ravenclaw.

8 Wong:  Gryffindor

Don't let Wong's library job fool you.  He's a true Gryffindor.  On meeting Doctor Strange, he explains what the rules are - only to immediately set them aside in favor of what he thinks is best.  Wong's quick to jump into a fight and to recruit others to help with causes he believes are important.  He's also quick to rally any army and slide into a leadership role when the occasion calls for it.

7 Mordo:  Slytherin

Mordo has many of Slytherin's best qualities.  He's loyal to his people and principles.  His ambition helps him build a stronger organization alongside The Ancient One.  He's much more willing than she to take the gloves off and get tough when the situation calls for it - including his rough lesson in the necessity of combat that shakes Stephen out of his cycle of failure where the Ancient One's academic approach had failed.  He channeled his ambition into a productive form of servant leadership.

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Unfortunately, Mordo is eventually afflicted with Slytherin's unpleasant preference for purity.  The after-credits scene indicates that Mordo is not so sure that everyone who can wield magic should.  Sounds familiar...

6 The Cloak Of Levitation: Gryffindor

If you think the Cloak of Levitation isn't a character, you try putting it on.  Doctor Strange's very opinionated outerwear is always ready to help protect its wearer or to fly off the rack and strangle a bad guy of its own initiative.  The Cloak is also particular about its friends and is kindest to those it deems worthy.  When you get down to it, the Cloak is even color-coded correctly for Gryffindor House.

5 Kaecilius:  Hufflepuff

"Hufflepuff" and "villainous" don't often go hand in hand, but a misplaced sense of loyalty and offended sense of injustice can lead down a very bad path.  Although his full backstory didn't make it onscreen, Kaecilius is devastated by the death of his wife and son.  After finding out that the Ancient One and his fellow sorcerers had kept the secrets of Dormammu's Dark Dimension - a place beyond time and death - from him, Kaecilius was furious at the injustice and betrayal.

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He pulled away from his original community and attached his impressively unswerving loyalty to a new community and a different conception of justice that would not require him to languish in his loss and deception.  His loyalty to his friends is only overmatched by his loyalty to Dormammu.

4 Tony Stark:  Ravenclaw

Iron Man headlined his own series, but Tony Stark spent much of Infinity War sharing a spaceship with Stephen Strange.  The two experienced some friction but managed to more or less get along.  That might well be because Tony and Stephen share an abiding love for science and an insatiable drive to be at the top of their respective fields.  For Tony, machines can often be better than people - and in the case of his beloved robots, they are very nearly people in their own rite.  Tony's love of learning is his hallmark characteristic, surpassing even his legendary swagger.  He would do well in Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw is a better choice.

3 Peter Parker:  Gryffindor

Peter Parker is a sweet soul with more than a little Hufflepuff in him, but the way he meets up with Doctor Strange is a perfect example of his Gryffindor nerve and derring-do.  Peter hitched a ride on the alien spacecraft leaving New York in Infinity War and ignored Tony Stark's multiple commands to head back to safety to sneak aboard and help however he could, even when he had to outwit his own Stark-suit to do so.  Bravery and a propensity to think that rules are light suggestions are signal Gryffindor qualities.

2 Wanda Maximoff:  Slytherin


Wanda Maximoff has already been confirmed for Doctor Strange's next cinematic adventure, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.  Scarlet Witch is fiercely protective - but only of her own nearest and dearest.  She's not above a little sneaking, slipping surveillance measures put in place by both Tony Stark and Captain America.  Wanda will do what it takes to get her way - and that's one way to excel in Slytherin House.

1 Doctor Stephen Strange:  Ravenclaw

Doctor Strange, one of Marvel's smartest characters, loves knowledge of all kinds.  Whether he's spouting off factoids about flugelhorn hits of 1977, pushing neuroscience forward, or stealing master-level books from under Wong's nose, Stephen is a big practitioner of the life of the mind.  While his ambition might seem to steer toward Slytherin, he's always angling not just to be the best - but to be the most knowledgeable and the best informed.  His signature color would be blue in any universe.

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