Marvel: Hogwarts Houses of Ant-Man Characters

What if Scott Lang and friends decided to hop cinematic universes for a couple of years and check out Hogwarts? He does know close up magic, after all

Now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe's: Infinity Saga has finally concluded, jubilant comic book and cinema fans can eagerly look forward to the projects Marvel and Kevin Feige have slated for the future. But with so many untapped storylines for the studio to play with, fans won't be able to see some of their favorite world-savers for quite a few years, including one of the MCU's most underrated, tic-tac sized champions: Ant-Man.

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Marvel currently has six films in place to premiere between now and the end of 2021, with none set to feature the microscopic hero. But what if Scott Lang and the gang decided to hop cinematic universes for a couple of years and check out Hogwarts? He does know close up magic, after all. Here's a list of where these super-muggles would fit into Harry Potter's wizarding world.

10 Kurt, Dave - Ravenclaw

While it's usually safe to assume most former criminals would belong in the Slytherin house, exceptions can be made, especially in the case of these two quirky assets. It's never explicitly stated what they did to get locked up, and Kurt and Dave are much more than just comic relief when it comes to this franchise. They're valuable team players on Ant-Man's crew. Both of them are intelligent, witty, and have a plethora of helpful information when a heist goes down, making them perfect for the Ravenclaw house. Hard to say how Kurt would do with a wand, though; he may think it's the work of gypsies.

9 Jim Paxton, Maggie Lang - Hufflepuff

How could they be anything else? The birth mother and step-father to Cassie Lang did everything they could to make sure that their daughter had a healthy relationship with her criminal father, including telling Scott to get a job and even arresting him (tough love hurts).

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But they never gave up on Scott and also made sure that Cassie understood her father wasn't truly a bad guy, just a little complicated and confused sometimes. Both of these super parents show the utmost patience in their parental counterpart and they both value loyalty and justice. That's a Hufflepuff.

8 Luis - Gryffindor

Another former criminal who manages to stay out of the house that Salazar built, Luis completely flips the script in true Harry Potter fashion as he is a through-and-through Gryffindor. Don't misunderstand, Luis is far from perfect, but Gryffindor's don't have to be perfect. They have to be courageous, chivalrous and have the nerve to stand up for what they believe in. Luis continuously does all that by looking on the brighter side of life, as shown by his professional and upbeat attitude, and by always being at the ready to help out his best friend. What else would you expect from the only guy to ever knock out Peachy?

7 Ava Starr/Ghost, Bill Foster/Goliath - Slytherin

Ava Starr and Bill Foster might not have been born Slytherin's, and had they gotten their Hogwarts letters at eleven like every other kid then they might have been sorted luckier, but unfortunately, they come in as two of the only characters on this list to don the snake emblem.

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With Ava and Dr. Foster wanting to extract 30 years' worth of quantum energy from Janet van Dyne in order to save Ghost's molecular form from being torn apart (you read that right), they disregard all laws/consequences to achieve that goal, including potentially killing Janet. Cunning and ambitious, but not caring how your choices affect others? The green coats would be proud.

6 Darren Cross/Yellowjacket - Slytherin

The only true born-and-bred Slytherin on this list, the slimy Darren Cross could seamlessly slip into a Malfoy family portrait if he were able to get his hands on a blonde wig. Maybe if Hank Pym hadn't been so selfish and just shared the Pym Particle formula with Cross from the start, he could've used the technology for good. But it wouldn't be outlandish to believe that the overly ambitious Yellowjacket would have eventually turned on his former mentor and used the technology for evil (oh wait, that's exactly what happened). Of course, this super villain fits right into the Slytherin house; chop off his nose and you've got a tech-savvy You-Know-Who.

5 Cassie Lang - Gryffindor

If most little kids saw a robotic, four-armed, megalomaniac break into their room to kidnap them, the majority wouldn't be able to keep their PJ's dry. But not Cassie; she had the bravery and composure to simply ask the chromed-out insect, "Are you a monster?" Damn straight he was, Peanut, and your Dad kicked his butt back to the quantum closet.

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When Cassie later informs her father that he needs a partner to watch his back, she unsurprisingly reveals that she means herself, despite practically being the size of an actual peanut. Hopefully, we'll get to see more of Cassie's lion-sized spirit in a Young Avengers movie sometime in the future because this Gryffindor is ready to roar.

4 Janet van Dyne - Not Slytherin

Take your pick. The downside to not seeing much of the original Wasp in the two Ant-Man movies is that it leaves her character incredibly open to interpretation. She sacrificed herself to save thousands of lives, knowing she'd never see her family again: Gryffindor. She's a gifted genius with a background in quantum physics and biochemistry, enough so that she was able to evolve and adapt to survive in the quantum realm: Ravenclaw. She spent thirty years trying to get back to her family: Hufflepuff. We haven't seen much of this quantum expert, but it's clear she'd be a particularly tricky case for the Sorting Hat.

3 Dr. Hank Pym - Ravenclaw

The creator of the Ant-Man suit and persona, along with the Pym Particles that make the shrinking possible, is undoubtedly one of the smartest characters in the MCU, which automatically grants him passage into the Ravenclaw common room.

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But it's ultimately his personality that reserves him a seat with the blue and bronze eagles, as Dr. Pym is unquestionably more intelligent than he is caring. We can't knock a guy for wanting his wife back, but sending your daughter away after she just lost her mom so you can lock yourself in a study to become an expert on how she died? Careful, Dr. Pym, you're close to slithering into the dungeon common room.

2 Hope van Dyne/Wasp - Gryffindor

If Hermione Granger had a counterpart in the MCU, it would be Hope van Dyne. The Wasp may have the intelligence of a Ravenclaw, and the loyalty/patience of a Hufflepuff (she takes after her mother), but there is no doubt that this female hero is a die-hard Gryffindor. She repeatedly saves all members of her team, including her father and her partner, Scott; she continued to work with her father in the name of the greater good despite his complete abandonment of her as a child; and she's an absolute bad-ass in her super-suit, mastering the shrink-style combat in no time. 50 points to Ms. van Dyne and to Gryffindor!

1 Scott Lang/Ant-Man - Hufflepuff

Let's just say that heroes with Ant-Man's abilities are in short supply (ba dum tss) and even fewer that belong in the house of the badger. While Scott may have landed himself in prison more than once, both times were done so to help the 'little guy' and never with malicious intent, making him a goofy Robin Hood of the MCU. He loves his family deeply, but that, unfortunately, won't stop him from making some questionable decisions if somebody else he cares about is in harm's way. Ant-Man probably won't be making it to the wizarding world anytime soon, and we don't know for sure when we'll see him in the MCU again, but maybe Baskin-Robbins could find out for us. Baskin-Robbins always finds out, bro.

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