Marvel & Hidden Figures Director Discussing Future Movies

Hidden Figures director Ted Melfi, an original contender for Spider-Man: Homecoming, says he is still talking to Marvel about future collaborations.

Ted Melfi Marvel

Over the course of the last nine years, Marvel Studios and their Marvel Cinematic Universe have become an increasingly attractive destination for actors and directors. With almost every new film, there are a number of high profile actors attached in roles both big and small. Marvel has meanwhile continued to hire various levels of established directors. The likes of Ryan Coogler is a rising name and attached to Black Panther, while Sony and Marvel agreed to bring Jon Watts, a relatively unknown talent, onto Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Watts was a late contender to come into the picture and beat our quite a few names for the role. One of the contenders that was passed up was Ted Melfi. The move worked out for Melfi as his project, Hidden Figures, is currently nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. Missing out on Homecoming has not deterred his interest in the MCU however, and Melfi has revealed that he still is having discussions with Marvel about working on a future project.

Melfi joined the 4 Quadrant Podcast to discuss the awards consideration that Hidden Figures is getting and the possibility of working with Marvel in the future. As surprising as it may be given Marvel's announced schedule, Marvel and Melfi are already discussing the potential to work together. When asked if the door is still open to work together, he said:

I think so, I hope so. I've had conversations with them since then. Marvel's a great company, I mean they do great work and they make action movies that are pretty damn fantastic. So yeah, it would just have to be the right kind of character that I can kind of find a human story inside.

Hidden Figures

With Melfi currently rising up the Hollywood system with Hidden Figures, being able to bring him onto a future MCU project would be a significant get for Marvel. The studio has yet to work with a director fresh off helming a Best Picture Oscar nominee, so being able to bring Melfi onto a Phase 4 project would further show how far the studio has come.

As for what project in particular they could be discussing, that is truly unknown. Marvel does not have any movie currently without a director except Captain Marvel - which will certainly have a female director - so Melfi could be discussing any number of unannounced projects. That said, given his previous attachment to Homecoming, the sequel has already been announced - so Marvel could be considering bringing Melfi into the fold for that film, where he can tell a more personal story about Spider-Man's struggles.

This does not account for any number of mystery Phase 4 MCU films that Marvel could be planning, of course. If the interest is mutual and there is a project that fits Melfi's interest, it seems plausible that a deal between the two parties could be worked out in the years to come.

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Source: 4 Quadrant Podcast

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