Marvel Heroes 2016 Launch Trailer: Spider-Gwen, Captain Marvel & More

Agent Venom, Black Cat, Spider-Gwen, Secret Invasion and a host of new features are coming to Marvel Heroes in 2016.

Captain Marvel Spider-Gwen Marvel Heroes 2016

Marvel Heroes has carved out a comfortable niche for itself in the world of free-to-play gaming, combining the reliable enjoyment of a Diablo-style action RPG with the near-endless supply of characters and stories originating in the Marvel Comics Universe. Though it got off to a rocky start back in 2013, improvements and refinements by publisher Gazillion Entertainment has turned it into a reliable pastime for legions of players looking to take their favorite Marvel superheroes into battle against the forces of evil.

The 2016 update to the game has now launched, bringing with it a wide array of new features, including new characters, fresh skins, costume-changes, controller support, and a whole new storyline to explore.

Revealed in a trailer that spotlights the presence of characters like Spider-Gwen, Captain Marvel, and the recent female incarnations of Wolverine and Thor, emphasizing the broader Marvel Universe's commitment to change and transformation. In addition, fan-favorite characters like Agent Venom (as a team-up option) have been added to the mix, along with a revamped version of Deadpool that's sure to delight fans of the character's upcoming movie. Longtime Spider-Man femme fatale, Black Cat is also now playable, with voice actress Jennifer Hale returning to the role she helped define in the 1990s Spider-Man animated series. Additionally, characters whose outdated design was part of the original launch of the game will be getting gradual visual-upgrades, beginning with Captain America, Jean Grey and Black Widow.

Captain Marvel Spider-Gwen Marvel Heroes 2016

Gazillion is also beefing up the game's competitive content, with new leaders being added that will recognize and track the success of dedicated players for the purpose of launching tournaments and seasons down the line. Adjustments like this are expected to help keep Marvel Heroes fresh and playable for fans, even when new campaigns and characters aren't immediately in the offing -- though presumably we'll have to wait to see what those tournaments and seasons actually look like to know for sure how vital they'll be to the overall experience. When those modes do arrive, players will now have to play them using a conventional console-style controller, with support for Steam, Logitech and Xbox controllers already confirmed.

Most prominent among the new additions, though, is the announcement of a new story chapter: Secret Invasion. Based on a 2008 story line of the same name that followed the Civil War and World War Hulk events, the new chapter will pit the Marvel heroes against an invasion by shape-shifting Skrulls and a contingent of Super-Skrull hybrids gifted with a mix of powers from multiple different Marvel heroes and villains. The Skrulls are among the most popular villains in the Marvel canon, though thus far they have yet to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to rights issues.

New Advance Packs and Deluxe Editions are also available to players willing to spend a bit more to pre-order exclusive characters; this time including such Marvel fixtures as Green Goblin, Black Bolt, Nick Fury, Elektra, and Ultron along with relative newcomers like Miles Morales and Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel. Notably, the roster also includes Angela, the former supporting-player from Image Comics' Spawn universe who was acquired by Marvel in an unusual rights deal and at one point rumored to be part of Guardians of The Galaxy. Finally, popular features like "Bonus G," Halloween costumes and the Bonanza Boost Sale will be making a reappearance, angling to keep fans coming back for more.

All in all, it looks like a jam-packed 2016 for fans of Marvel Heroes, which continues to be available free to play online.

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