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Memento Meets Seinfeld


Top 10 Career Ruining Movies

Can careers come back from the dead? Join as they count down their picks for the top 10 career ruining movies. For this list, they've chosen movies that have stalled actors' and directors' careers. We know most of them kept working during that period, but their profiles were definitely low.


Darth Talon Cosplay

Darth Talon Cosplay

Narga-chan had this to say about her cosplay:

"I’m a cosplayer from Austria. My first big cosplay was the Nargacuga X Armor form Monster Hunter Freedom Unite where also my nickname Narga-chan comes from. The first time I saw a cosplay at a convention I wanted to do the same. So I’ve started my first cosplay Lethe from the Videogame series Fire emblem. Since then I create regularly cosplay to the minor Austrian conventions.

My latest creation was Darth Talon from the Star Wars Legacy series. It took us (big thanks here for the help from my BF) about two weeks to make this cosplay. We made it completely ourselves except the lightsaber, but the next time we plan to make it on our own.

It was totally fun to wear this cosplay. Starting with the Lekkus (the tentacles on my head) to the awesome bodypaint which took my BF about 3-5 hours a day. In addition to that, the ignorance of some people made us laugh a lot. I.e. some called me just “STAR WARS” or others “Spider women”. But the most funny where a guy who thought I was the Dungeon Keeper...

The awesome pictures and the ideas behind them where done by the gorgeous and - imho - talented photographer Greencat. At this point I want to express my big thanks!"


Hanna Barbara Does The Matrix and Star Wars

Hanna Barbara Vader
Hanna Barbara Star Wars
Hanna Barbara Matrix

Here’s a few great pieces of art featuring Star Wars and The Matrix with a fun Hanna-Barbera comic twist. These are part of Planet Pulp’s latest art show, The Hanna-Barbera Show. These comic inspired illustrations were created by Michael Penick.


COSPLAY CONFIDENTIAL: Vanessa Wedge as NILIN - Just Cos PAX Prime

It's PAX Prime 2013! This week's Cosplay Confidential follows Vanessa Wedge and her Nilin (Remember Me) cosplay for PAX, and talks about her cosplay history and the horrors of contacts.



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