Future Guardians of the Galaxy Are TOO Wild For MCU

If you think the Guardians of the Galaxy of the Marvel movies are wild, then their future counterparts are an absolute fever dream (nightmare?) of character mash-up by comparison. And in Marvel Comics, their story is only beginning.

The roster has to be seen to be believed, but this level of lunacy is to be expected from a comic like Cosmic Ghost Rider, a miniseries following a version of the Punisher who died, became Ghost Rider, then became the Herald of Galactus. Oh, and who has now kidnapped a baby Thanos in hopes of saving the universe. So needless to say, our exclusive preview of Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 keeps the momentum in this ridiculous story building.

Think Rocket and Groot make for a crazy team? How about Rocket... wearing Groot? Yeah, strap in.

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Even if an older version of the time traveling Cable is technically the leader of this team chasing Cosmic Ghost Rider, the spotlight lands squarely on Juggerduck to start. As the name suggests, the hero that resulted when Howard the Duck became the new Juggernaut, fueled by the Gem of Cyttorak. That mash-up of Marvel superheroes was the easiest to catch when the cover art was first revealed (along with a now-removed Star Trek alien cameo).

Before we spoil the other members of the future Guardians of the Galaxy, interested readers can see for themselves in the preview pages below:

Aside from the confirmation that Uatu the Watcher really does occasionally have fun peeping on the ludicrous goings-on in the Marvel Universe, the makeup of this team is guaranteed to have at least one dream hero for every reader. Whether it's the future that awaits Kamala Khan, rising from the title of Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel - and even acquiring the shield of Captain America. Or Rocket-- sorry, Iron Groot, what remains of the sentient tree fashioned into a suit of armor to be worn by his BFF Rocket.

Or Jubilee of the X-Men, but with... well, apparently just as awesome as she has always been. Cosmic Ghost Rider will have his hands full for the remainder of the issue, especially if he stays this committed to keeping Thanos from growing into a cosmic despot. All things considered, we don't like his chances. But that doesn't mean the rest of his mission won't be fun to watch unfold.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:


Published: September 5, 2018

Writer: Donny Cates

Art: Dylan Burnett

Cover Artist: Geoff Shaw


Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 will be available from Marvel Comics on September 5th, 2018.

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