Marvel Just Killed a Guardian of the Galaxy (For Real)

Warning: SPOILERS for Infinity Wars #6

When Marvel promised that one of the Guardians of the Galaxy was going to die in their massive Infinity Wars event, fans knew that no death would be easy to take. But now the universe will know that it was saved, ironically, by the death of Drax the Destroyer.

With actor Dave Bautista making his version of Drax one of the most beloved members of the Guardians of the Galaxy films, the sympathy for Drax's heroic sacrifice will be just as high as he deserves. And if we're getting technical, Drax actually managed to save TWO universes with his death, with some help from his "other self." And as heartbreaking and perfect as his final moments turned out to be, fans will be just as eager to know about his fate in the afterlife... and whether there's any chance that Drax will rejoin the Guardians someday, and return to life in the Marvel Universe (in the comics at least).

We'll try our best to do justice to the Infinity Wars finale, but we hope fans have got some tissues handy. Drax's death in Avengers: Infinity War may be temporary, but his comic book ending is as perfect as a hero can hope for.

Only Drax Can Undo The Infinity Wars

If casual Marvel fans have missed out on the latest Infinity Wars event, we'll try to make this long story painfully short. Instead of Thanos trying to warp reality, this time it was Gamora, seeking to make a better version of the universe (and her painful past in it). Unfortunately, her attempt to collapse the souls of the universe into the Soul Stone - then remake reality - hit a snag when she delivered her own version of the Thanos snap. She didn't kill half of all heroes, but combined them into Avengers mash-ups called Infinity Warps.

Adam Warlock showed up to save the day (like always) and entrust the Infinity Stones to worthy heroes. But undoing Gamora's damage meant two different tasks: to remake the Marvel Universe as it had been, and then instead of 'snapping' an entire universe of merged heroes out of existence, give them one of their own. From inside of the Reality Stone, essentially 'copying' a universe while restoring it isn't impossible... but it does require two pathways out. Which is where Drax comes in.

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Well, Drax and Arthur Douglas, his "second soul." Now go with us here, movie fans, because the MCU chose not to adapt Drax's comic origin story... in which Thanos murdered a human family, and the father's spirit was placed into a big, strong, green, warrior's body in hopes of having his revenge. When the Warps were separated back into their component characters (like Doctor Strange and Captain America), Drax and Arthur (the father) came face to face for the first time. And almost immediately, use their shared soul power to allow BOTH universes to be saved.

Drax Stays Behind To 'Hold The Door'

The twin portals work like a charm, allowing the heroes to preserve the Infinity Warps in a Marvel Universe of their own... until Adam Warlock delivers the bad news. Making the universe as it had been is one job done, but to return all of the lost souls, the heroes need to physically escape the Soul World, too. Which means somebody needs to stay behind to hold the door open from inside. Having spent decades inhabiting the same mortal form, Drax and Arthur don't even need to speak to know that they're both willing to make the sacrifice.

And as Gamora demands that another solution be found, Adam and the rest of the heroes honor their colleague's sacrifice, making their escape from the Soul Stone back into the restored universe. Needless to say, there will be MAJOR SPOILERS ahead, so fans who would prefer NOT to witness the final moments of Drax the Destroyer, time to stop reading...

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