8 Marvel Gods Who Are Stronger Than Thor (And 7 Who Are Way Weaker)

Thor Marvel Most Powerful Weakest Gods

Do it, you know you want to-- touch Thor's muscles. That is what they're for... well, that and completely owning the Marvel Universe right now. However, that just goes to show how well rounded they truly are.

That's right, when it comes to braun, power, and all around definition, none can match the power of the almighty pirate angel-- at least almost none.

There are few who would dare challenge the awesomeness of the God of Thunder, Lightning and Australia accents. However, while Thor Odinson's Chitauri-like metal fibers for arms might be some of the most epic this side of Knowhere, they still have a few reps to go before they can reign supreme in the cosmos.

This Asgardian prince may literally be heralded as a god, but we've compiled a few other deities presiding out there who could put him in his place should the Chitauri hit the fan.

Just for fun, we've also listed some of the weakest gods who've tried to outmatch his swagger despite being far more puny in comparison, though that doesn't stop them from trying over and over.

Here are 8 Marvel Gods Who Are Stronger Than Thor (And 7 Who Are Way Weaker).

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15 Stronger: Hela

This one is a no brainer. Did you see the way Hela crushed the mighty Mjolnir as if it were some styrofoam movie prop in Thor: Ragnarok? Obviously Thor's older, wiser, more demonic sister (at least in the MCU) has a thing or two to teach him about power.

Don't let her form-fitting leather get up fool you, the Goddess of Death is packing some serious heat. After all, you do not get to be the ruler of Hel and all of the deceased without some serious antlered chops.

While she possesses all the same powers of your normal everyday Asgardian god (on Odin-esqe steroids), she also has a few far more impressive tricks up her sleeves that send her soaring well beyond the capabilities of Thor and his incredibly good hair.

When worn, her cloak boosts her strength exponentially. She has the ability to create illusions and devastatingly life-ending mystical energy bolts.

Also, most powerful of all, Hela can snuff out someone with just a single touch of her bare hand, an ability gifted to her by none other than Death herself.

She is also an amazing fighter to boot-- just ask Thor's eye or the entire Asgardian army... oh wait.

14 Weaker: Skurge

Thor Ragnarok - Karl Urban as Skurge

Like a lot of our entries on this list, Skurge the Executioner is an Asgardian god. He has made a career out of doing the dirty work of far more powerful bad guys-- most memorably as the henchman/plaything of the Enchantress.

Yet despite the big axe he carries, he's not all that a formidable of a foe to the likes of Odinson.

Sure, Skurge is significantly stronger than most Asgardians, can work the Hel out of a Shake Weight, and is really good at naming his assault rifles, but little good will that do him when Mjolnir's flying at his face at a gazillion miles per hour.

This is probably why in the comics he became a member of the Masters of Evil -- one of the lamest of all supervillain teams.

In the movies, Skurge is even more of a weakling. Despite being a great addition to Thor: Ragnarok, he is mostly a cowardly opportunist who when he finally gets in touch with his more heroic side has to rely on antiquated human weaponry to save the day, and even then gets easily impaled by Hela.

If Thor is looking for some Earth junk to pawn than Skurge is his Asgardian. If he's looking for a decent fight, then God of Thunder is better off taking his biceps elsewhere.

13 Stronger: Hercules

You don't get played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a campy 1970s B-movie and get an entire constellation of stars named after you if you're not one of the most powerful beings in existence.

The son of Zeus, Hercules, is one Greek god not to be trifled with. (Though technically he's a demigod if you want to get mythologically nerdy about it.) If any bi's could outsize those of Thor then it is the Herculators.

He might not be able to shoot lightning bolts from the sky or have the advantage of a magically imbued hammer, but Hercs brute strength is off the charts, and climbing.

He once towed the entire city of Manhattan, held up the planet so Atlas could take a breather, and tossed Godzilla around like a newt.

Luckily, he's a member of the Avengers and more likely to fight alongside Thor than against him. However, that doesn't mean the two gods don't have a long history of one-upmanship.

There is a long running debate over who is actually the stronger of the two, between themselves and fans alike. However, put them against one another in an arm wrestling contest, and our money's on the one that looks like Arnold.

12 Weaker: Pluto

Pluto Marvel Villain God

From one Roman god to another, Pluto is the God of the Dead and ruler of the Underworld. In Greek myth Pluto goes by another name -- Hades. Maybe you've heard of him. Well, unfortunately his comic counterpart is a lot less cool.

Pluto oversees a different land of the dead than the far more impressive Hela. (It's unnecessarily complicated.)

First appearing in the '60s during Thor #127, he has been doing mediocre things ever since. More than likely you've never heard of him and for good reason.

Pluto is really strong and can unleash massive energy blasts, but then again what god isn't these days. We might as well be describing that baby from The Incredibles. Also, at least Jack Jack can hulk out.

Pathetically, a lot of Pluto's abilities have to do with protecting himself from harm rather than inflicting it, bolstered by his signature weapon -- the mystical flame.

Of its many unimpressive capabilities, it is perhaps best used in temporarily paralyzing someone. Lame.

Pluto also has the ability to weaken people by touching them. On the other hand, when Hela touches someone they pass away. That's how you do Underworlding.

It's stupid abilities like these that make it pretty clear why Pluto is nothing more than a mere annoyance for Thor.

11 Stronger: Atum

Not familiar with Atum either? Well, unlike wimpy Pluto above, this... well, we're not really sure what Atum is except that he is as powerful as he is monstrously ugly, but pretty much all you need to know about this beast is that his moniker is "God Eater."

He's son of Mother Nature herself and the physical embodiment of the Earth's biosphere. What does that mean? It means that if you're a god you'd better run.

Atum has a résumé longer than Thor's hair of wiping the galaxy clean of deities. It's pretty much his sole purpose in life.

On one particularly terrifying occasion, he slayed all of the Elder Gods by sucking their powers for himself, converting their bodies into energy, and absorbing them through orifices on the palms of his hand.

Worse still, he's the reason why the dinosaurs went extinct.

To say the least, Atum out-powers Thor in almost every way-- especially when you consider the beast can manipulate energy on par with Zeus and Odin.

Thanks to his constant feeding sprees, going up against Atum is like fighting a litany of gods all at once. Thor's good, but he's not palm orifice good.

10 Weaker: Bast

If you're trying to figure what the heck you're looking at in the image above, that's Bast. You're  friendly African neighborhood Panther Goddess.

Known also as Bastet, Baast, and Baset, this cat goddess of warfare commands the oddly specific regions of Lower Egypt and the Nile River delta region. She is in fact the daughter of Ra and a member of an inter-dimensional race called the Ennead worshiped by ancient Egyptians in Marvel's version of Stargate.

By geographic association, Bast is also most notably the primary god of Wakanda and whom the source of the Black Panther's powers come from.

Roughly ten thousand years before T'Challa clawed his way on the scene, a dude named Bashenga prayed to Bast to help defeat a tribe of Vibranium mutants becoming the very first Black Panther. Ever since, one must get the nod of approval from ole cat face in order to take up the mantle.

However, as far as gods go, Bast isn't all that much of a threat. She certainly has some crazy magical feline powers, but its nothing Thor can't handle.

Besides, for most of her stint as an ancient Egyptian celestial, she was worshipped as the goddess of pleasure, dancing, and music.

While we're not denying the power of busting a move, it probably won't be all that effective when Thor's fist is flying towards your face.

9 Stronger: Dormammu

That is right, the Dark Dimension overlord who has trouble telling time is one of the most powerful beings to ever grace the page or screen.

Given what we saw in the MCU's Doctor Strange, the fact Dorm-y can consume an entire universe kind of makes Mjolnir a moot point.

To make things worse for Thor, the Black Baron is even more powerful in the comics. He is essentially the Dark Dimension's version of the Sorcerer Supreme, and only just dwarfs anything Doctor Strange can pull out of his hat.

For his part, Strange counts Dormmamu as his most dangerous enemy, declaring that at full strength no one can defeat him, not even chiseled viking gods.

All of this gives little reason to believe Thor would ever be anywhere close to a match against this Dark Lord. Even on a bad day, he is a skilled Necromancer who has the ability to possess who ever he desires.

This means that he can take control of Thor at any moment and have Thor fight Thor all the while Dormmamu sits back and does whatever it is a fiery-headed mystical energy being does on his down time. We are guessing checkers. It is probably checkers.

8 Weaker: Balder

Balder the Brave is another noble Asgardian who just so happens to also be Thor's older half-brother. As any younger sibling can attest when it comes to power, there are no other adversaries who are more formidable than a half-brother-- unless of course your name is Thor.

Although he is one of the bravest of all Asgardian warriors and gifted with invulnerability to all things except mistletoe (seriously), Balder really does not bring much to the table that his younger, better looking, cooler bro does not already.

He did spend some time as the King of Asgard but it was short lived and forgettable. He was also prophesied to cause the end of the world Ragnarok even, but that really did not pan out as everyone had thought it would, so even in that regard Balder was a bit of a let down.

In nearly every category, Balder ranks below Odinson.

Take their respective strengths, for example. Balder is rated as a Class 50 super being. What's Thor? Try Class 100+. That's one heck of a noogie.

Being the God of Light, Balder the Brave's defining trait is his ability to summon an incredible beam of light. This is useful for such things as melting ice and getting around really dark places, but it's not so good at beating up his far mightier brother.

7 Stronger: Odin

It is telling that after eons of facing the worst of the worst that the universe had to offer, Odin only passed away when he decided he was good and ready for vague and nonsensical reasons. Or at least that's how it went down in the MCU.

In the comics, Odin is still passing down judgements and taking names like a celestial boss.

He did beget Thor after all from his loins, and endowed the God of Thunder with his trusty hammer. In other words, without Odin, there would be no Thor.

In fact, Odin is basically Thor and all the other Asgardians rolled into one (minus an eye), plus wiser and more experienced. 

As the default King of Asgard, Odin is easily the most powerful of his realm. You don't get to the top for being a wimp.

Throw in the Odin Force for good measure -- the tremondous magical energy the All-Father draws his power from -- and he can easily destroy a galaxy with a mere passing thought.

In the Marvel Universe, Odin is basically the Superman of Asgardians. Whatever you can do, he can do better.

Take our word for it, they don't call it the Thor Force for a reason.

6 Weaker: Sif

Asgardian goddess, sibling to Heimdall, valiant shield maiden, and occasional lover of Thor, Lady Sif is a fierce warrior that few would walk away from in a no holds barred fight. However, all of that is mostly thanks to around a millennia of hard work and training, rather than natural innate godliness.

While one might want to make an association with Wonder Woman here, it would be a stretch to even call Sif a poor woman's Princess Diana. Though that is not to say that she isn't someone you would want on your side when the Frost Giants attack.

Sadly the movies have yet to show her prowess, and with her being a mysterious no-show for Ragnarok or Infinity Gauntlet, who knows if we ever will.

As far as dieties go, she is your run-of-the-mill Asgardian, conventional in her powers and routine in her abilities. She might make a puny mortal human look like a troglodyte, but when put beside the likes of her on-again, off-again beau Thor, she fails in comparison.

We are not saying that Thor would hit a girl (though he has on several occasions), but if these two were to put their skills to the test there would be no contest.

Luckily they are on the same side and we will never have to find out just how much weaker Lady Sif is than Thor.

5 Stronger: Zeus

Zeus Marvel God

Zeus Panhellenios (bet you did not know Zeus had a last name) is pretty much what you would expect from the head of the Olympian gods.

Take away the Odin Force, and he probably outclasses even the Asgardian All-Father in power. Thanos, who knows a little bit about power himself, placed the Greek Skyfather at the same level as Galactus, who coincidentally enough Zeus has beaten.

He might not be as well known (as a Marvel character), but rest assured few are his equal-- and crtainly not Thor.

Super strength, super speed, and super durability make up all of the requisites of being a super god. However, what really sets Zeus apart is his ability to call upon the powers of other Greek gods to power himself and then kick things up a notch by using the power of the universe. You know, just because.

MCU Thor might recently have tapped into playing with electricity but when it comes to yielding lighting, but he's not match for the OG.

If Odin can mop the floor with Thor and if his son Hercules can hold his own, then there is no reason to think that Zeus would not do the same. What's more, he might even have better hair too. Ouch.

4 Weaker: Loki

Loki Thor The Dark World

Poor Loki. Try as you might, you will always be bested by Thor... or Valkyrie, or Thanos, or the Hulk, or Jane Foster, or pretty much anyone else you have ever come across.

Loki is proof that relying on magic and parlor tricks will only get you so far in life. Even when he cheats, he somehow ends up losing.

As the adopted son of Odin and Frigga, Loki has always lived in the shadow of Thor. The fact that this God of Mischief is not even an Asgardian just makes him fall all the more short.

If it were not for Tom Hiddleston enigmatic smile and Loki's emergence as a breakout star of the MCU, we probably would not even be having this discussion.

Sure, he can shapeshift and is handy with a knife, but it is hard to imagine a scenario where Thor does not reign supreme no matter how many spells are thrown his way.

Loki's de-evolution from a feared villain to welcomed punchline in the movie say it all.

A Dark World ended on a sinister note with Loki usurping the throne, only for it all to be quickly rectified in the opening scenes of Ragnarok with Thor one arming his brother's face in front of an oncoming Mjolnir.

Just like that, within seconds, Loki gives up his entire scheme. That's how he stands against Thor.

3 Stronger: Galactus

Galactus is a god unlike any other. For one, he is not actually a god. However, he might as well be for our purposes because there is really nothing else like him in this universe or any other.

His powers are immeasurable beyond compare, matched only by his size. Though some might have the likes of Zeus and Odin on the same level, even they have proven unable to take down the giant on their own.

It is kind of hard to compete with a guy who devours planets as his profession and possesses the power of the Power Cosmic. (Or, as the newly christened Lifebringer, has the ability to create and resurrect life itself. That sounds pretty godly to us.)

When Galactus has his sight set on something, it takes an entire brigade of the universe's strongest beings to stop him-- not end him mind you, merely advert his attention so he doesn't eat your entire planet.

It's stuff like this that has led the Nova Corps to designate all things Galactus as a "Universal" threat.

When you are the oldest living thing in the universe, you are not impressed by a whole lot. Thor's muscles included.

2 Weaker: Peter Quill

Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy

Naturally, when you think god, you think Chris Pratt. Or, at the very least, you think of his character in Guardians of the Galaxy -- the roguishly daring Star-Lord.

As you might recall, the MCU's version of Peter Quill has him as the offspring of the celestial planet Ego (aka the roguishly daringKurt Douglas). Celestials are basically space gods. Ergo, Peter Quill is also a space god.

Okay, well technically half-space god, and maybe that is a bit of stretch. Sure, Quill's powers may have been stripped from his soul but just because you can't manifest a huge Pac-Man out of rocks does not mean you still don't have the Celestial blood flowing through your veins.

All of this points to space god-- albeit probably the weakest god you will find anywhere, or at least on this list.

So put him on the same Milano as Thor and the differences become immediately clear.

Quill is one sandwich away from being chunky. Thor, on the other hand, well, he is the man to Peter's dude.

After all, you don't see anyone massaging Star-Lord's muscles, do you? That's because while pistols may be Peter Quill's signature move, Thor is a real life gun show come to life.

1 Stronger: One-Above-All

Everyone else on this list is a god in the Marvel Universe. However, the One-Above-All is God of the Marvel Universe, second perhaps only to Stan Lee. This is why when it comes to power, the discussion begins and ends here.

Take everyone else on this list, mash them up into a ball, and then place that ball into a pinball machine and the One-Above-All is the guy who created the guy (or girl) who's gotten the highest score.

Known also as Jack the Bartender, the One-Above-All quite literally created everything you see in Marvel. He probably created you, so it only follows that he can just as easily destroy everything too.

Of course, luckily for all of us, the One-Above-All does not interfere with the comings and goings of the multiverse.

He might make a rare appearance here and there to comfort a lost soul or make sure comic sales don't fall, but for the most part he is off in whatever realm divine beings hang out sipping margaritas and watching the 10th season of Seinfeld.

He is omnipotent. He is omnipresent. He is omniscient. Other than that, we really do not know that much about him.

However, we're pretty sure that when Thor goes to bed at night he prays to the likes of the One-Above-All.


Can you think of any gods stronger (or weaker) than Thor? Let us know in the comments.

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