The Future of Marvel Revealed in GENERATIONS

Marvel have released a new trailer for their upcoming limited series GENERATIONS that will pair various modern heroes with their mentors and predecessors. Throughout the history of comics, new characters have risen up and taken the mantle of old heroes. Sometimes, it's because the original hero changed their name. Other times, the mantle is passed or discarded thanks to either in-universe events or marketing decisions. While hardcore fans will often complain when someone like Hulk or Wolverine dies and a younger hero takes their name, it's a practice as old as comics. After all, Barry Allen wasn't the first Flash.

With DC seeking to reclaim their glory via the Rebirth initiative, Marvel are trying their hand at pulling together both the old and new of their comic universe. Starting in August, a 10-issue series titled GENERATIONS will arrive and pull various heroes into the Vanishing Point. Each week, a new comic will be released where modern characters like Miles Morales and the Carol Danvers version of Captain Marvel will go on an adventure with their predecessor. Last month's announcement of the GENERATIONS lineup revealed which characters would be getting an issue, and now we have a trailer to further highlight the story.

Marvel have unveiled a new look at GENERATIONS with commentary from Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and Senior Vice President of Publishing head Tom Breevort. In the video (see above), they lay out that their mission isn't to erase the new heroes, but allow them to better interact with their forebears.

Of course, one of the big questions about this new event is whether it will revive dead heroes such as the original Wolverine. There's been no word yet on whether the Vanishing Point world is in continuity, but given its connection to the all-powerful Cosmic Cube, anything seems possible.

The other issue of note is that OG heroes like Carol Danvers, Peter Parker, and Clint Barton are all still alive and regularly mentor their proteges. How exactly GENERATIONS will differ from normal continuity, is yet to be seen.

The new trailer also fails to include either iteration of Nova. Though both appear on the cover image for GENERATIONS that's on display in the video, they weren't announced as getting their own issue and aren't highlighted in the trailer. With the first comic arriving in August, hopefully we'll have some answers to all of these questions soon.

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