Marvel Generations Looks At An Iconic Spider-Man Moment From Another Perspective

Spider-Man Rubble

The Marvel Generations comic book series has revisited an iconic moment from Spider-Man’s past, looking at it from a whole new perspective. This same moment was recreated in live-action form during Jon Watts’ Tom Holland-starring flick, Spider-Man: Homecoming, much to the delight of longterm comic book fans.

Marvel Generations is all about blending the past, present, and future of Marvel’s iconic comic book superheroes. Previously, this series has brought Carol Danvers face to face with the original Captain Marvel. Also, in another Generations issue, incumbent Iron Man Riri Williams witnessed a far-flung future where Tony Stark has become the Sorcerer Supreme.

And now comes Spider-Man’s chance to shine. In Spidey's issue of Generations, Miles Morales traveled back through time and saw what Peter’s early days as a hero were like. He saw Peter being bullied, caring for his unwell Aunt May, dealing with his huge heroic responsibilities, and facing off with his own doppelganger.

Miles also visited Peter in his bedroom, just after Peter’s involvement in the 1965 story arc “If This Be My Destiny”. Therein, Peter broke into Doctor Octopus’ underwater base to retrieve a serum to cure Aunt May of a terminal blood disease. Peter ended up trapped under rubble in a room filling with water. In the original comic, it took four harrowing pages, and a vision of May and Uncle Ben, for Peter to break free. Here, fans got to see the aftermath of that famous moment, with an exhausted and distraught Peter sharing a chat with Miles. Ultimately, Miles described Peter’s dark day as “a win”, and the call came in from the hospital saying that the serum was successful.

This same iconic moment – Peter trapped beneath rubble, in the middle of a very personal mission – was adapted into Spider-Man: Homecoming. In one of the film’s many Easter eggs, Peter wound up trapped under debris by the Vulture, and he had to call on all his strength to survive and win the day. It’s clear why Marvel keeps revisiting this idea: it’s a brilliant visual representation of the weight that’s always on Peter’s shoulders, and it’s a great way to show his heroic levels of perseverance. In Generations, the aftermath of this moment teaches Miles that being Spider-Man comes at a huge personal cost.

Peter Parker Spider-Man Homecoming Rubble

However, you could argue that Generations has wasted the potential of Peter meeting Miles back in his early days of his heroism. Miles was basically just a spectator in this story, and he didn’t even pass comment on huge things like Gwen Stacey (the alternative universe version of whom he is currently dating) still being alive. That being said, though, it was undeniably cool to see Peter in the immediate aftermath of that iconic rubble moment. 

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