Marvel Generations Resurrects Mar-Vell For One Last Team Up

Mar-Vell in Marvel Comics

Marvel's Generations series has resurrected the original Captain Mar-vell for one last team up with the current Captain Marvel. Generations: Captain Marvel and Captain Mar-vell is part of Marvel's Generations miniseries released this month, bringing together classic Marvel legacy heroes and their modern counterparts for a series of team-ups across time. The series has been full of surprises, including the reveal of Tony Stark's fate in the future, and a surprising love affair that Odin had (and that sets up the upcoming Avengers of 1,000,000 BC). Now, Captain Mar-vell returns for one final team up in the series.

Generations: Captain Marvel and Captain Mar-Vell begins with Carol Danvers finding herself suddenly sent back in time, where she finds herself in the Negative Zone, on a planet called Mydon. There, she is immediately embroiled in a fight between the peaceful native inhabitants, and the minions of Annihilus. It is here, when all looks lost, that the original Captain Mar-Vell leaps in to save the day, and the two decide to team up to help the inhabitants of Mydon.

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You can check out some panels from Generations: Captain Marvel and Captain Mar-Vell, below:

Generations: Captain Marvel and Captain Mar-vell

The team up is especially interesting as Captain Mar-vell does not recognize Carol Danvers, despite having met her while he was on Earth, and before he was transported to the Negative Zone. However, that Carol and the current Carol are very different - in demeanor, and in appearance. Mar-vell is confused by her costume and her introduction of herself as Carr-ell, and believes her to simply be a stranger, and another Kree warrior.

The two manage to win out over Annihilus in the end (obviously), and Mar-Vell admits that although he doesn't usually work with others, the two make a good team. Carol is about to reveal her true identity to her old friend, but is popped mysteriously back to her own time just before she can get the words out, leaving him waving goodbye to his new mysterious friend.

The series is a sweet and straightforward example of the Generations series' appeal, with some nostalgic and heartfelt moments in a a simple story of heroes teaming up to win out over a villain. It doesn't do much in the way of suprise reveals or setting up future series, but it's a great read for fans of the Marvel legacy. Unfortunately, however, the latest addition to that legacy is conspicuously absent, as the current Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan, doesn't make an appearance. While it would be fantastic to see Kamala alongside the Captain Marvel who inspired her, and the Captain Mar-Vell that inspired Carol Danvers, this would simply make the issue a little too complex. Still, it will leave fans of the current Ms Marvel feeling a little disappointed - and perhaps a separate issue combining a past version of Danvers with Kamala would also have been a good pick for this series.

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Generations: Captain Marvel and Captain Mar-Vell is available now

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