The FIRST Marvel Superhero Was Officially [SPOILER]

Marvel Comics has officially revealed the first superhero ever born in its universe: a T-Rex that defended Earth over 65 million years ago!

Marvel Starbrand Dinosaur T-Rex Comic

Warning: Minor SPOILERS for Avengers #26

The history of the Marvel Universe is almost too old to record, but that's no longer the case when it comes to the first Earthling chosen to become a superhero. A defender of the planet, a guardian of its lifeforms, and master of a true 'superpower.' And in a surprise twist, that Earthling was just revealed to be a Tyrannosaurus rex. Yes, you read that right: Marvel's first superhero was a dinosaur.

As outstanding a revelation as this might be, it's not the only massive change to Marvel history dropped in Avengers #26. Previous issues of Avengers saw writer Jason Aaron introduce readers to the ancient Avengers of One Million B.C., tying their ages-old storyline to that of the modern day heroes. That ancient roster included what seemed to be the first Starbrand, a primitive man gifted with the planetary power known as the Starbrand. But now the truth of that power has been revealed, with the first Starbrand born--sorry, chosen more than sixty-five million years ago.

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That date should stand out, since Avengers #26 reveals the asteroid that struck Earth, wiping out the dinosaurs and transforming the planet... was not coincidence. And so begins Jason Aaron's latest cosmic insight into Marvel history, making the Starbrand not only a pivotal part of the Marvel Universe (and Earth's place within it), but a ludicrously fun and satisfying tale at the same time. In this case, clarifying the asteroid was "drawn" by the Earth itself to crack open its connection to a larger, cosmic energy. Earth may not be truly sentient, but eons before even Marvel's so-called Eternals were born, the planet was able to harness its power... and direct it into a single host. A single T-Rex, actually. And readers can witness this incredible new chapter of Marvel Comics canon from Jason Aaron and Dale Keown in the preview pages below:

Marvel Avengers Dinosaur Starbrand Preview 1
Marvel Avengers Dinosaur Starbrand Preview 2

With this unnamed dinosaur "Earth's first cosmically empowered protector," it's a safe bet the coming Avengers story focused on the new Starbrand will build directly out of this mythology. What victories did this dinosaur Starbrand win for Earth? From whom did it protect the planet? And for what reason did it finally fall, passing the power on to the modern wielders? We can't wait to see where this story goes next, so stay tuned for when the entire issue arrives on November 20th. Until then, readers can check out the official plot synopsis and issue details below:

  • AVENGERS #26
  • Release Date: November 20th, 2019
  • Written by: Jason Aaron
  • Art by: Dale Keown
  • Cover Art by: Dale Keown, Jason Keith
  • A PREHISTORIC SAVAGE... WITH THE POWER OF THE STARS! Legendary artist Dale Keown (The Incredible Hulk) is here to unleash the secret, savage origin of the biggest, nastiest, most cosmically-powered caveman who ever lived: the original Starbrand, one of the mighty Avengers of One Million B.C.

Avengers #26 will be available from your local comic book shop on November 20th, 2019.

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