Marvel Fan Uses Limitless Movie Pass to See Infinity War 100 Times

Avengers: Infinity War may have only hit the big screen in April, but UK super-fan Kieren Harvey has managed to watch it an incredible 100 times in the theater since its release. The Staffordshire seventeen-year old has amassed a thick stack of receipts as incontrovertible proof of his rather awe-inspiring dedication to the third film in the Avengers series. And, while a few of those trips to the cinema were spent in the company of family or friends, Harvey mostly watched the film by himself every time.

An important factor to keep in mind in regards to Avengers: Infinity War: it’s not a short film. At 2 hours and 40 minutes long, Harvey has actually racked up a stunning 16,000 minutes, or just under 267 theater hours, watching Marvel’s most beloved superheroes get beaten into a pulp by the mad titan Thanos. That’s eleven full days spent at the movies in less than two months!

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In a Unilad interview with the young fan, Harvey is surprisingly casual about his achievement, noting that “ just sort of happened,” and also mentioning that he had managed to watch Black Panther 30 times and Deadpool 2 20 times since release. The UK offers moviegoers several choices for unlimited screening passes; Harvey’s collected receipts reveal that he had one for Odeon Theaters, and it was clearly used to its fullest potential.

It’s a far cry from reports earlier this month of an MCU fan in Charlotte, NC who had seen Avengers: Infinity War 45 times as of last week — Tony “Nem” Mitchell similarly documented his trips to the movies with collected receipts, a commitment which would gain the attention of the Russos, earning him free tickets and an invite to next year’s Avengers 4 premiere. While it's true that Harvey’s achievement blows this previously trumpeted record out of the water, it should also be noted that Mitchell actually paid separately for each of his trips to the movies.

Harvey’s devotion to Avengers: Infinity War is indisputably next-level, and the young man trumpets his love for the MCU films and the Russos in specific, stating that “...two of my favourite Marvel films, (Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War) were directed by the duo, and now Infinity War confirms they’re incredible filmmakers.” So far, there has been no word released as to whether Harvey has been successfully invited to the Avengers 4 premiere to join his American counterpart, but the precedent has definitely been set.

Source: Unilad

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