Marvel’s The Eternals Shares Its Working Title With A Fake Seinfeld Movie

Marvel Studios' The Eternals reportedly gets a working title which may also be a reference to a fake film from the classic sitcom, Seinfeld.

The Eternals gets a working title which may also be a nod to a fake film from the sitcom, Seinfeld. Marvel Studios is keeping its Phase 4 plans close to its chest with no announced project past next week's Spider-Man: Far From Home. Despite this, Kevin Feige and his team are hard at work on several upcoming projects, including The Eternals.

Director Chloe Zhao has been tapped to helm The Eternals - an ensemble movie that will center on cosmically-powered ancient beings. Casting is currently underway with a slew of actors supposedly attached to the project. Angelina Jolie has reportedly signed on for a lead role (rumored to be Sersi), as well as Kumail Nanjiani, South Korean actor Ma Dong-seok and Richard Madden (rumored for Ikaris) in yet-to-be-confirmed roles. Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves is being eyed to join the production as well. There has been confirmation whatsoever regarding these casting news since the film itself isn't even officially announce yet. However, it seems like things are going smoothly behind-the-scenes because now The Eternals possibly has a working title.

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A report from HN Entertainment reveals that The Eternals has the working title "Sack Lunch", which may or may not be in reference to a fake film from the popular sitcoms Seinfeld. If it is a Seinfeld reference, then The Eternals is following a pattern set by previous MCU films using Seinfeld references for their working titles. 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming had the working title "Summer of George", which is a Seinfeld episode title, while the upcoming Far From Home used "Fall of George." The latter is not actually from Seinfeld, exactly, but instead is thought to reference the season when the Spider-Man sequel is set. It's difficult to say whether The Eternals' working title, "Sack Lunch" is a Seinfeld reference with any narrative implications, but it likely isn't a entirely random choice for Marvel Studios, either.

The Eternals Ikaris and Sersi

In Seinfeld, Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss) wants to catch the made-up movie, Sack Lunch more than The English Patient, which is her boyfriend's choice. It was a pivotal plot device throughout the whole episode and is described as a light, escapist comedy that has massive blockbuster potential - a direct opposite of critical hit but box office struggling features like, The English Patient.

At this point, the only plausible link for The Eternals and its working title is that it seems to be a reference to a common criticism/insult for MCU movies. Like Sack Lunch, MCU films are occasionally described as shallow films that do well in terms of box office but rarely get any critical accolade. Granted, there's Academy Award-winning Black Panther, but that's just one out of 22 movies. Assuming this is the case, aside from being a meta-reference, the "Sack Lunch" working title implies that Marvel Studios is fully aware of the criticism. Choosing to make this commentary for The Eternals could be them sending a message that they're ready to dive deep into more more socially-engaging and culture-impacting storytelling - and they're beginning with this particular project. Marvel Studios is said to be looking for a diverse cast for the flick, a great first step in Feige's promise of diversifying their roster of characters.

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Source: HN Entertainment

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