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The Eternals Movie With Keanu Reeves

It won't be long before casting announcements for Marvel Studios' The Eternals movie are made, and here's who we'd like to see get cast in the main roles. Based on the Jack Kirby concept, The Eternals will follow a group of superhuman beings that were created by Celestials millions of years ago and have helped protect Earth from The Deviants ever since.

Rumors of The Eternals being in development started early last year and it wasn't long before Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed it was a project they were considering. It was eventually announced that Chloé Zhao (The Rider) was hired to direct The Eternals. Upon this revelation, reports also surfaced that Marvel envisioned the galactic property with an incredibly diverse cast. The film's status has largely gone quiet as of late, but The Eternals is expected to be Marvel's late 2020 release with filming beginning in August.

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There has yet to be any shortlist for who could join the cast, but previous Eternals character breakdowns have laid out the entire roster of people set to appear. With rumors of two Eternals characters debuting in this year's Avengers: Endgame, it shouldn't be long before some of The Eternals roles are filled. Just in case Marvel needs any help in the casting department, we've put together suggestions for all of the roles. But, as much fun as it would be to make this cast completely of A-list stars, that is not Disney or Marvel's strategy. They usually go for a mixture of recognizable names, rising stars, and then a few heavy hitters - and any history with Disney doesn't hurt.

Cynthia Erivo as "Karen"

The character breakdown for the mysterious "Karen" called for an actress in her early 30s of any nationality, but preferably Middle Eastern, African, or Native American. Since "Karen" does not have a comic book character associated with her, she was described as, "Powerful, a timeless quality, a leader. Warm, nurturing and intuitive. Should have an international/timeless feel." In reading the description of the character, it is difficult not to envision Cynthia Erivo in the part. She is a star on the rise after scene stealing work in Bad Times at the El Royale and Widows. She has the warm, nurturing qualities in Bad Times and can easily pull off the powerful leader type after Widows. Her range and increasing recognizably makes her a clear candidate to take on this role. And whether "Karen" becomes the face of the franchise or a supporting character, Erivo can handle it all.

Keanu Reeves as Druig

For The Eternals' big bad, Marvel appears to have no rules in the casting of Druig, as no age or ethnicity specifications were on the casting breakdown. With so much freedom at our disposal, this appears to be the perfect opportunity for Keanu Reeves to finally make it into the MCU. Reeves came close to having a role in Captain Marvel, and assuming his interest in joining the franchise remains, seeing the man behind The Matrix and John Wick join as the powerful war lord is too good to pass up. There is potential for Druig to be a franchise lasting villain, and with Marvel's history of getting big names for their villains, Reeves is the perfect fit to bring gravitas and specialized action skills to The Eternals' main villain.

Millie Bobby Brown as Piper

The role of Piper is believed to be a gender-swapped version of the Eternal known as Sprite, a youthful trickster among the Eternals. Marvel is reportedly looking for an actress between 10 and 16-years-old, and there's no bigger name or rising star in that age bracket than Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. A playful role like Piper is a natural fit for Brown's real life personality and would give her a chance to step away from the seriousness of Stranger Things. As one of the two characters possibly set to be introduced in Avengers: Endgame's post-credits scene, star power will go a long way in helping make casual audiences excited for a lesser-known property like The Eternals. Brown is best known as Eleven on Netflix's hit series but she's also branching out into blockbuster territory with the MonsterVerse. Plus, Brown visited the set of Avengers: Infinity War in 2017, so she may already have an in with Marvel.

Sonoya Mizuno - Elysius

Elysius is an artificially created being who was made by ISAAC, a living computer system that monitored Titan. For the role in The Eternals, Marvel has cast a wide net for an actress of any ethnicity between the ages of 20 and 40, so we've selected Sonoya Mizuno. She is far from a household name but would be a talented addition to the cast. She most recently starred in Maniac for Netflix, a role that allowed her to interact with a sentient computer system already, and previously played an android in Ex Machina. Mizuno played both roles excellently and could use that experience to bring Elysius to life here.

Florian Munteanu - Forgotten One

The Forgotten One aka Gilgamesh is one of the most skilled and deadliest fighters the Eternals have ever had, so whoever takes up this role will need to meet the physical demands. The only requirement for the casting is a man between 25 and 45-years-old, so there are plenty of options out there. But, we'd like to suggest former MMA star and recent Creed II cast member Florian Munteanu for the role. His fighting background makes him an easy fit for the role and Marvel Studios has already shown they're big fans of the Creed franchise after bringing Ryan Coogler, Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, and Tessa Thompson aboard following the success of the first film. This is the perfect opportunity to continue this and let Munteanu physicality lead the way in a ruthless portrayal of Gilgamesh, which Munteanu was able to convey as Viktor Drago in Creed II.

Henry Golding - Ikaris

Ikaris is usually a main character in Eternals comics, but that is not yet confirmed to be true of The Eternals movie. Marvel is looking for an actor of any ethnicity between 20 and 40-years-old to play the third generation Eternal, who is the cousin and rival of Druig. While it's possible that Marvel's vision for the property is far different than the comics, it is much more likely that Ikaris will be a main character in the series either immediately or in the not too distant future. Marvel is better off getting someone on the rise with leading man qualities, and Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding meets that criteria. With his regular stature and charisma, Golding's acting ability is just now being stretched through films like A Simple Favor and Paul Feig's holiday rom-com Last Christmas. If he's looking to get into the action/sci-fi genre next, playing Ikaris in the MCU would be a great fit.

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