The 10 Best BTS Photos From The Making Of Avengers: Endgame

Once an MCU movie reaches the end stages of its hype, it’s time to bring out the pictures from behind the scenes to reinvigorate our interest. Watching these pictures amps fan up so much, they end up going back to the cinema for another watch of the movie.

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As Avengers: Endgame is the last time we’ll be seeing several of these actors (and for sure the last time with the original cast), our interests are sky high to see what they were up to while filming. If you want to see just how much fun these people have pretending to be superheroes, or if you want to know what the sets look like, then here are 10 photos from the filming of Avengers: Endgame!

10 God Of Slumber

For those who don’t know, having the overweight Thor angle was Chris’ plan the whole time. He had been the one to request the directors if they could have a different version of the God of Thunder, on whom the effects of the depression were apparent.

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If you’ve seen Chris’ interviews, you’ll have noticed he lives the Thor mentality and believes himself to be the character to some extent. No picture captures this better than this one, where Chris is just as lazy as Thor is in Avengers: Endgame. This was the scene where the remaining five members of the original team conversed by the lake, and it looks like Chris needed some prodding to get into filming.

9 The Revenger Hairstyles

Just like Thor and Bruce Banner, Chris and Mark are best of buddies, and they have quite a lot of pictures proving this as well. Since the Overweight Thor needed some wigs to demonstrate that he doesn’t take care of his appearance anymore, the production team had the actor trying on different wigs.

Here, Mark also gets in on the fun, and we have the duo wearing matching flipped-around hair on their heads. Mark thought this style worked for the film and we have no problem agreeing with him. If only we’d seen Banner and Thor like that in the Battle of Earth.

8 Going Retro

Even though a lot of productions require CGI wizardry, things still get hectic on set. This means actors have to wait around for hours at a time. Neither Chris nor Scarlett (who doesn’t even have social media) are on Instagram, so here we have the two passing the time going old school.

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The funny part about this picture is that you can totally see the characters doing the same as well. As Captain America would be completely lost with video games, his best bet is probably one of the more primitive ones. Thankfully, Black Widow has the patience to show him the ropes. The two actors are so absorbed in the games that it looks as if they didn’t even notice the picture being taken.

7 Down Memory Lane

More incredible than the Incredible Hulk himself is the fact that each one of the actors from The Avengers looks exactly the same eight years after filming of the first film. Here we have proof of this, as the original cast members all take a picture to commemorate a series well done.

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The scene, of course, was from when the characters time-traveled to 2012, and everything here was recreated to make it look the part. We have everyone in their original costumes, hair, and tools, while Mark is clad in the motion capture suit. These people deserve special praise just for looking the same after almost ten years.

6 What's Up With Barton?

Most people will be wondering why Jeremy is wearing a motion capture suit if he’s supposed to be Hawkeye. Well, he’s not doing it to make fun of Mark Ruffalo, because the suit was needed for the part involving the Quantum Realm and the suits worn by the Avengers.

This gives you a different point of view for filming those scenes, as it meant the actors had to shoot once while wearing their original garb, and then again for motion capture to make it appear the suits were real. Fun on the set is permitted, so here we have a wild Hawkeye on the loose.

5 Who Needs Nat?

The bittersweet thing here is that, while it looks like a nice, happy scene is being filmed, this photo seems to have been taken while the five (fictional) men mourned the death of Black Widow. The scene in the film was among the saddest, as we saw each of the men shed tears for the loss of the person they were all close to; however, Jeremy feels that day was the best one they had.

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Just looking at the photo tells us a lot of laughs were heard on set that day, and we don’t doubt that either, seeing as these guys have been with each other right from the start. To that end, who needs Nat, right?

4 I Am (Green Screen) Iron Man

The CGI in the film was impeccable, and the moment where Iron Man combined all the Infinity Stones into his suit for the final snap looked fluid as ever. Behind the scenes here, we see how many angles were required to make it so.

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You would think just the Infinity Stones and the Gauntlet would be the things being CGI, but you can clearly see everything around Robert was Green Screen. It turns out nothing of what we saw in the film during this moment was real, other than Robert himself, of course. Just imagine how silent that snap must have been.

3 The Originals

Since filming doesn’t take place chronologically with the film, we can’t be sure at which point this picture was snapped, but this was clearly for the beginning of the movie where the malnourished Tony flipped out on everyone after returning from space.

You can even see the mark on Robert’s chest showing the arc reactor that he pulled out to hand it to Captain America in an enraged fit. Happily, it looks like the mood on set was a lot more fun than in the movie, as Scarlett Johansson and Don Cheadle’s expressions will attest. You can also see part of the crew behind them, no doubt setting up the scene.

2 Guardians In The Battle Of Earth

What’s funny is that we really cannot be sure which scene is being filmed here. Star-Lord was most active in the Battle of Earth during the film, but the mark on Chris’ face makes us think it is supposed to be where War Machine slammed Star-Lord to knock him out on Morag.

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Behind the two actors is a vast blanket of Green Screen, which is clearly there to render the environment around them. While this was being set up, Chris took the time to snap a picture with Karen, who doesn’t really look very confident to take a pose. Remember, this was when they weren’t supposed to post spoilers, so it’s understandable why she might be a little hesitant.

1 Old Man Steve

If there was ever any picture from all of Avengers: Endgame that couldn’t be posted on the internet, it would be this one. Just one glimpse of it spoils the ending of the movie, as it would guarantee Old Man Steve would appear.

Now that Captain America’s fate is common knowledge, we can marvel at the quality of the make-up department, who have transformed Chris into an old man from the top half. That being said, why does Chris have a bald cap on? Couldn’t they have made a wig for him? It appears as if the directors wanted to go full-on authentic and had him transform completely into Old Man Steve.

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