Game of Thrones Director Reportedly In Talks For Marvel Disney+ Series

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Disney is looking to bring even more Game of Thrones alumni into the fold, with director Matt Shakman reportedly in talks to direct one of Marvel's Disney+ series. Based on George R.R. Martin's popular novels, the fantasy epic debuted on HBO back in 2011. Though opening with moderate acclaim and buzz from audiences, the show became an outright cultural phenomenon over the course of its proceeding seasons. Earning numerous awards recognition for its direction, the show ended with it's eighth and final season earlier this year.

Marvel, meanwhile, has continued to dominate the big screen. They capped off a huge 22-film saga with Avengers: Endgame earlier this year. Garnering positive reviews, the film recently became the highest-grossing film of all time. The colossal team-up adventure was promptly followed up by Spider-Man: Far From Home. Following a breakdown in discussions between Sony and Disney, further Spidey adventures within the MCU are currently in doubt. Regardless, the MCU shows no signs of stopping - with Phase 4 already unveiled and Phase 5 teased at SDCC. As well as that, it was previously announced that Marvel Studios would branch out into the world of streaming television, producing numerous series that will tie in directly with the MCU.

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According to Discussing Film, Shakman is reportedly negotiating an opportunity to direct one of the six-episode series. The director helmed two episodes of Game of Thrones, including the critically acclaimed season 7 episode, "The Spoils of War.". As well as the fantasy epic, Shakman also directed over 40 episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and, more recently, an episode of Amazon's smash-hit, The Boys. It's unknown which of the announced Disney+ Marvel series he is currently vying for.

The first expected to be released is The Falcon and The Winter Soldier - which will follow Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) as he transitions into the new Captain America. The series will also feature him and Bucky Barnes once again come up against Helmut Zemo. The inaugural show will be overseen by Malcolm Spellman. However, it has already been confirmed that Kari Skogland will direct all six episodes. The other Disney+ series also coming down the pipeline includes a solo Loki adventure, WandaVision, which will lead directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and a show centering on Hawkeye training Kate Bishop as his replacement.

As such, the news will no doubt provoke a wave of speculation from fans. Michael Waldron will serve as the showrunner on Loki, but that far from excludes Shakman as the potential director. The series is expected to begin filming early next year, so the ongoing negotiations would certainly be perfectly timed. Then again, Marvel Studios could easily be continuing their tradition of looking way into the future and to Hawkeye. Especially given the recent development of them settling on an as-yet-unnamed showrunner. Equally, with WandaVision rumored to have a 1950s aesthetic and be set in a world of Scarlet Witch's own making, Shakman's extensive sitcom credits could easily lend itself to fitting with that tone. Whatever the case, he has proven himself as a director of considerable talent across a variety of genres. As such, he would no doubt prove a solid fit for the blend of comedic, action-packed, and fantastic that Marvel has perfected over the years. And that Disney+ will be aiming to continue.

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Source: Discussing Film

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