Disney Marvel's Animated 'Big Hero 6' Reveals Voice Actor Casting

Big Hero 6 voice casting begins

Thor and Iron Man may not have been among the most well-known Marvel properties prior to their respective film franchises. However, both characters are decidedly more popular than the title that Marvel ultimately decided would be its first collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Studios (since the Mouse House acquired the comic book company back in 2009).

Big Hero 6 - which marks Disney Animation's first release since the Oscar-winning Frozen phenomenon hit theaters - follows a team of heroes recruited by the Japanese government. The characters were introduced in the late 1990s and featured in their own mini-series in 2008. Yet, despite the fact that the film's release is less than six months away, news of the production has been relatively scant. Now, we at least have an idea of whose voices the film will feature.

According to The Wrap, Saturday Night Live alum Maya Rudolph will voice one of the film's main characters, though there's no indication which character she will play. Jamie Chung, who will next appear as the deadly Miho (replacing Devon Aoki) in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, has also been confirmed for the film as GoGo Tomago, one of its titular heroes. T.J. Miller (How to Train Your Dragon 2) has also been rumored for the film, though his involvement has yet to be officially announced.

Maya Rudolph

Considering that Big Hero 6 is a more obscure title, it's interesting to note that Disney and Marvel don't appear to be casting big-name movie stars in the film. That being said, Chung and Rudolph both possess voice acting experience and should be able to bring the material to life. Of course, it's hard to gauge just how well-suited Rudolph is for the unannounced role she's playing. However, if it is truly a lead role, she could very well be providing the voice of Sunpyre or Honey Lemon, as they are the only other female members of Big Hero 6.

Disney veterans Chris Williams and Don Hall are directing the film, and while it may be one of Marvel's more unexpected projects, it's also one of the most difficult to pinpoint, given the level of secrecy surrounding the entire production. The concept art that we've seen thus far, however, is promising, and there's every reason at this point to think that the talent behind the film could pull it together into a satisfying cinematic experience.

Are you looking forward to Big Hero 6? Does the casting of Rudolph and Chung change your opinion of the project? 


Big Hero 6 hits theaters on November 7, 2014.

Source: The Wrap

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