The Defenders Final Trailer: The Only Way Out is Together

The final, final trailer for The Defenders (before the main event tomorrow) sees the eponymous team coming together to fight Alexandra. We haven't seen too much of what the latter is capable of so far and the latest trailer for the series paints her in an intimidating light. We've seen each of the miniseries' superheroes debut in their own solo series before this - each making a stand against criminals in New York, taking advantage of the aftermath of The Avengers.

None of them have had an easy ride, with Matt Murdock losing Elektra and revealing his identity to Karen - he's 'kind of lost' when The Defenders begins. In truth, he's retired from his vigilante career, so it's going to take a very large threat to bring him back. Luke Cage will be in prison at the beginning, but as the show goes on, it will address the relationship between Luke and Jessica Jones. And as for Danny Rand, his story arc from Iron Fist season 1 will flow through into The Defenders.

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The latest trailer gives an extremely vague outline of Alexandra's intentions, without actually detailing any of her plan for New York. It's made clear that it will involve The Hand and the newly-resurrected Elektra, but aside from that we're in the dark as much as the heroes are. The trailer begins by introducing the characters one by one as Sigourney Weaver's villain confronts them in the restaurant. This clearly takes place after they've met up, and after Stick has appeared. We know that Daredevil's mentor has a history with Alexandra after a clip was released earlier this week of the two, as the villain calls Stick "Old friend". And even though she might be a baddie, Alexander actually sees herself as a heroine.

The trailer also shows Alexandra walking in some kind of medical facility, something that could possibly connect to Elektra's resurrection. We know the latter will have amnesia during The Defenders, so she could have been hospitalized after returning from the dead. How Daredevil will react to seeing his ex-lover back from the dead will be interesting, given how their relationship played out back in Daredevil season 2. Alexandra will be preying on the 'connections' that each hero has, meaning that their friends and loved ones will be at risk. No change there, then.

It's made obvious that the Defenders are going to have to put aside their differences to battle Alexandra and The Hand - but by the end of their fight, they should be an efficient superhero team. At the end of the above trailer, we see Jessica Jones lightly making jokes out of Iron Fist and his powers. To be fair though, one shouldn't put Jessica on a team full of superpowered vigilantes and expect her to keep quiet.

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The Defenders premieres August 18 on Netflix, followed by The Punisher sometime this fall. Premiere dates for the new seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist have yet to be announced.

Source: Netflix

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