Marvel's Defenders Social Media Teases Spider-Man Connection

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A single comment on social media has led fans to wonder if Spider-Man might be appearing in the Netflix's Marvel universe via The Defenders. This fall, the streaming service is bringing together its four Marvel series (Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist) for their long-awaited Defenders series, which means that they are in full promo swing right now. They've each appeared on their own SFX magazine cover already this week, and fans are looking forward to seeing what Marvel has in store for them at SDCC as well.

Now, the series has also launched a fun promo website for the series, that of the fictional New York Bulletin, featuring multiple news stories and videos about Marvel's New York and the Defenders heroes. The site was featured on the show's Facebook page, and while the 'New York Bulletin' is an enjoyable bit of marketing in and of itself, the comment section on the post is what's making some fans even more excited.

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The original post links to three of the 'news' stories on the new site, and is captioned "This city's going to hell. #FakeNews". There are plenty of comments from excited fans, but the most popular one asks "Need more info on that Spider guy we first saw in Germany fighting alongside Iron Man and is now apparently based in NYC???" Plenty of people also reference the Daily Bugle, and request pictures of this hero, but the official social media team for the page sparked speculation with a single word in reply "Spider-Guy?" This single word has been reacted to over a hundred times in the past day, as fans scramble to wonder if this could be considered an official mention of Spider-Man. 

Of course, it has already been confirmed that, like everything within the MCU, Spider-Man: Homecoming does exist within the same general universe as The Defenders. However, at this point the Netflix series have not included any connection to the larger MCU other than the odd Easter Egg or mentions of 'the incident' and some of the biggest events from the big screen universe. It's also not yet confirmed whether the TV characters could appear in the upcoming Infinity War, although Kevin Feige has said that there are no immediate plans for a crossover.

It's likely that this Facebook comment is just The Defenders social media team having some fun, especially as they also respond to a comment about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the same post, and there's no chance that those heroes in a half shell will be joining the MCU any time soon! However, fans can also assume that there will be the same kind of references to Spidey as there are to the Avengers in The Defenders series, especially as all of these heroes are operating at street-level in the same city.

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The Defenders will be available for streaming on Netflix starting Friday, August 18.

Source: Facebook

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