New Defenders Poster & Images Offer Best Look Yet At Marvel Series

Marvel The Defenders Motion Posters

A new poster and a big batch of images have arrived for Marvel and Netflix's The Defenders, further teasing the upcoming team-up. In a little over two weeks, the four street-level Marvel shows on Netflix will come together for a small-screen version of The Avengers. With Sigourney Weaver's Alexandra and her role as a leader of The Hand putting New York in jeopardy, the city's cantankerous vigilantes will have to put aside their enmities and work together. The show will also see a number of supporting characters in on the action, all of which will lead to one massive team-up scene.

Along the way, The Defenders will continue to flesh out the various characters and offer the beginnings of new relationships. Danny and Luke will have a surprising first encounter, while Matt will be grappling with retirement and his confession to Karen at the end of Daredevil season 2. Some of the many meetings and new developments we've already seen teased in The Defenders' recent trailer. Now, we have an even better look at the upcoming series.

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Marvel and Netflix have just released a brand new poster for The Defenders showing the heroes standing tall and cocky. They've also put out a huge set of new images from the show, giving us a better look at the action, characters, and costumes.

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Following two previous posters showing off the team, the one-sheet doesn't offer anything new. It is, however, an exciting reminder of what the show will mean for fans and that it's right around the corner. The images, meanwhile, provide a better look at a number of scenes from the trailer as well as some new shots of the various characters.

While not every supporting character is shown, we do see the Defenders joined by Misty, Claire, Colleen, Trish, Foggy, Karen, and Stick. Each will likely bring something unique to their respective friends. And they'll need it, as the images also highlight Alexandra, the brutal new version of Elektra, and the return of Madame Gao.

While new seasons of each show are on the horizon, The Defenders will still spend a good deal of time focusing on the continuing narratives of our heroes. Hopefully, the show will also tie together some threads and shine some light on the various mysteries that have been laid out in the series. Likely, it will also set up whole new plots and ask more questions as well.

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The Defenders premieres August 18 on Netflix, followed by The Punisher later this fall. Premiere dates for the new seasons of DaredevilJessica JonesLuke Cage, and Iron Fist have yet to be announced.

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