Marvel's The Defenders Features 'Very Bloody' Elektra

With less than a month to go before Marvel's The Defenders hits Netflix, the cast and crew are giving fans an idea of what to expect from the crossover miniseries. Building on everything that the Netflix corner of the MCU has put out so far, it looks like the show will give fans more of what they loved about DaredevilLuke CageJessica Jones and Iron Fist.

We've been teased before with Elektra's return as part of The Defenders, as she was featured prominently (though still in a sarcophagus) in the first Defenders trailer. Now it's been revealed just what she will be like when returns - namely, more lethal than ever before.

Speaking live with Entertainment Tonight in a Facebook stream from Comic-Con, the cast of The Defenders (along with Jeff Loeb and showrunner Marco Ramierez) discussed how the show came together and how four "loners" became a team. The discussed how Danny Rand was kind of the driving force behind the team-up, while the antagonists of Sigourney Weaver and the "supposedly dead" Elektra really pushed them together and forced the issue. Latching on to the Elektra comment, ET's Leanne Aguilera asked Elodie Yung about what fans can expect from her character in the series:

ET: I was going to say... what can we expect from Zombie Elektra?

Elodie Yung: Very bloody, very dark Elektra this season.

ET: Was that fun for you, to be able to have that additional layer to her?

Elodie Yung: Definitely, yeah. It's good to go back to a character, you know, you like, love, and then just explore different aspects of her personality. So yeah, I had a lot of fun.

This falls in line with the expectation that Elektra will be resurrected as a weapon for The Hand, given that she was revealed in season 2 of Daredevil to be one of the beings known as a "Black Sky." While there is still little known about the Black Sky, there have been several comparisons made between how it is revered by The Hand and the creature known as The Beast from the comics. Speculation began after Sigourney Weaver's casting that her character might be somehow related to The Beast, so it's possible that the Black Sky is either a vessel for The Beast to enter our world or is otherwise related to the creature.

Having the Black Sky be connected to The Beast (or perhaps be an MCU version of it) would not only give Elektra a reason to be "bloody" during The Defenders, but it could also provide an opportunity for comics easter eggs as well. We've speculated before that The Defenders might be loosely inspired by the Shadowland story arc in Marvel Comics, and having The Beast or some analog for it be involved in The Defenders would further cement this theory. The Beast was the primary antagonist in that story, taking control of Daredevil and placing him in control of The Hand. Several characters from The Defenders played key roles in that storyline, though it would obviously be substantially altered for the screen.

Regardless of what the plot for The Defenders ends up being, fans are sure to enjoy seeing Elektra at her bloody best. Being able to see her team up with Sigourney Weaver and The Hand to take on The Defenders (and have yet another hallway fight) will certainly make the series worth the wait.

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Marvel's The Defenders premieres on August 18, 2017 on Netflix. Marvel's The Punisher premiers later in 2017, and additional seasons of DaredevilJessica Jones and Luke Cage are expected to air in 2018.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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