Marvel's The Defenders Stars Explain Their Characters' Skillsets

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When The Defenders pulls together all of Marvel's Netflix heroes, they'll each bring something unique to the table. While all of the MCU series on Netflix so far have paired their titular hero with a number of other names from the comics, The Defenders will mark the first real team-up in the street-level corner of the universe. Thanks to threats that have been slowly building up in each show, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage will all have to put aside their egos and work together.

Thanks to the promotion for the show that's been going on all year, we've already had a number of looks at the team together. The most recent one came yesterday in the form of a highly-stylized promo poster featuring the disparate would-be heroes preparing for battle. Of course, once they learn to work as a unit, they'll be a pretty formidable force. With the mix of powers they share, any foe facing them will be in for a world of trouble. That said, not everything each character brings to the table will be helpful to the mission.

Man Without Fear has gotten their hands on the newest issue of Empire which features a spread on The Defenders and the four main heroes of the show. Along with new shots of each of the characters, the actors behind them answer a number of questions about the show and lay out what each hero brings to the team.

More pics from the #Defenders feature in Empire Magazine

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For those who can't make things out, the key bits in the article involve the individual traits the heroes will supply to the team. For Danny, his youthful energy will both help motivate the group and also get them in trouble. All told, he'll be the one who still has the most growing to do as a hero.

Luke, meanwhile, will serve as both the bruiser and the one who thinks things through. He'll also be hesitant to all the mystical elements of The Defenders, including Iron Fist. Of course, that dichotomy is what will make an eventual Heroes for Hire show so fascinating.

Jessica's skills are obvious, but Krysten Ritter mostly think she serves as the smack-talker of the group. Matt's powers, on the other hand, should prove quite useful. Charlie Cox explained how Matt's ability to tell when people are lying will come in handy when he and JJ team up for an investigation.

With The Defenders heading to Comic-Con and the premiere of the show just around the corner, we won't have to wait much longer to see what will happen when Marvel's street-level heroes join forces.

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The Defenders will be available for streaming on Netflix starting August 18.

Source: Man Without Fear

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